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Kyrgyzstan Kickstart Community Project

Tourism Training for Disadvantaged Youth

Providing disadvantaged youth with training and career opportunities

As Kyrgyzstan gains popularity as a travel destination, there is a growing opportunity to provide countless local people with new career options. This is especially important for women and less advantaged young people who, to date, have found it harder to find employment. Many of these young people are keen to pursue a career in travel but don’t have the means to do so.

Funded by the Community Kickstart Project, alongside our local guides, we are thrilled to launch a tourism training program for disadvantaged youth in Kyrgyzstan. As well as the important socio-economic impact a project like this can provide, it also encourages environmental protection and the sustainable development of infrastructure in some of the less developed, more rural parts of the country.

In a country where 90% of the landscape is mountainous, there is an excellent opportunity to expand trekking and hiking offerings for travelers coming to visit. This course will give youth the knowledge and skills to not only safely lead groups on trekking expeditions in the mountains but also teaches them to engage people in Krygyzstan’s rich culture and history.

“The number of tourists in Kyrgyzstan is growing, but the number of professional trekking guides is not. Young people are interested in it, but we don’t have good training for them. Therefore, we decided to launch training courses for trekking guides, which will give youth a good opportunity to get start a career.” 

 Altynai, Exodus Operator in Kyrgyzstan

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