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Tours in Tunisia

Beyond its turquoise blue shores and sand-fringed Mediterranean coastline, there is a wealth of diverse natural beauty, distinct culture and history to be discovered in this slim stretch of land in North Africa. On the Mediterranean Mosaic: Italy, Corsica, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco trip, we begin at the port city of Sousse, that holds the UNESCO-protected Aghlabida-era medina, located in the Tunisian Sahel. From here, we either head towards the “City of Fifty Mosques”, Kairouan, known to many as the spiritual epicentre of Tunisia, complete with an intricate Great Mosque fortified Islamic Monastery and a thriving old Arab quarter. Or drive inland to visit the World Heritage Site of El-Jem, the spectacular ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa, which seated an impressive 35,000 spectators, that is said to rival even Rome’s famous colosseum.

You can’t leave the Tunisia without visiting its spectacular medieval medina in Tunis. Tunis is Tunisia’s capital and largest city, that holds Carthage, an ancient World Heritage Site once colonised by the Phoenicians and Romans showcasing vast thermal baths, detailed mosaic floors and a Roman amphitheatre. Tunis’s Bardo Museum is another must-do. Located in an ancient Beylic palace, this museum houses the largest collection of Roman African artefacts, alongside Punic jewels, and a curious ship’s cargo of bronze pieces and marble sculptures that were scarpered off the coast of Cape Africa.

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