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Take The Train

Holidays by Train

Enhance your adventure by taking the train

At Exodus, we are committed to making difference in the future of travel. Whether it's our Planet Promise, Rewilding project, or our newest initiative to travel by train, we are dedicated to playing our part in taking action on climate change. While North Americans unavoidably have to fly over the Atlantic for our adventures, London is the perfect hub and gateway to European train travel for Canadians. 

Settle in and admire the views as you sweep through Europe’s vast and varied countryside. Meet local people and discover hidden gems that unsuspecting air travelers miss out on. Train travel helps us to fully relax on holiday and take stock of our surroundings. Whether you book your train travel through us or organize it yourself, opting to take the train to your trip has so many benefits. Read on for just a few…

  • Travel in comfort

    Swap all the queuing and waiting around, for smooth, stress-free journeys. Whether sleek, high-speed sleepers or leisurely regional trains, regen, Europe’s rail network provides the opportunity to travel very comfortably (and in some cases, luxuriously!).

  • Care for the planet

    Train travel has a far lower carbon impact than travel by plane or even car. For example, traveling from London to Amsterdam on the train produces about 80% less carbon per individual than flying. (You can read about how Exodus Travels is taking action on climate change here.)

  • Extend the adventure

    Traveling by train allows you to explore Europe (and beyond) in a unique way. Picture lunch in Paris before continuing your journey through charming provincial towns and countryside to your final destination. You won’t miss a thing!

  • Easier than you might think

    We can arrange your train travel (including accommodation along the way) to the small group adventures shown below, and will continue expanding this service across other trips. Just call our team on 1 800 267 3347 for routes, prices and to book, or see an overview of the train route in the ‘Joining Instructions’ of the Trip Notes for each trip.

    We can also book your train travel to all our self-guided holidays across the length and breadth of Europe. Give our self-guided holiday team a call on 1 800 267 3347 to discuss the options.

    There are a number of sites that make it easy for you to plan and book your own train journey to our trips, such as Man in Seat 61RailEurope and TheTrainline. Exodus Client, Barbara Wilcox, has been taking the train to our trips for many years; read her advice here.  

We can now extend your adventure by booking your train travel to these trips...

Take the train to Italy

Walking the Amalfi Coast

367 reviews

Discover the highlights of Italy's Amalfi coast on foot

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Leisurely / Moderate
Ages: 16+
8 Days from $1,999
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
View More Details

Take the train to France

Mont Blanc Highlights

257 reviews

Walk the best of Mont Blanc Circuit in France and Italy

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Ages: 16+
8 Days from $2,579
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
View More Details

Tour du Mont Blanc Week

32 reviews

Trek famous circuit in one week from Switzerland to France

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Ages: 18+
8 Days from $3,049
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
View More Details

Take the train to Austria

Take the train to The Netherlands or Switzerland

Further information on our train travel booking service:

  • Your holiday will be protected by package holiday protection, just as it would if we were booking flights with your trip.
  • We can only book your train tickets once the trip is guaranteed, and once they are made available by train companies; usually 120 days in advance, but this can vary. Therefore, availability of tickets and certain routes can't be guaranteed at time of trip booking. However, as soon as we are able to book your train tickets, we will contact you if there are any issues, or changes to planned travel.
  • Once train tickets are booked, your trip deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.