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Our Partners and Projects

For several years now we have identified specific projects where, as a worldwide tour operator, we are in an ideal position to actively help some of the less fortunate communities that we visit, whilst also encouraging them to protect the very environments and wildlife that we so enjoy seeing.  All of our projects are chosen carefully, with input from the community, our leaders on the ground and of course our clients.  We don’t work with large NGOs, but to enable us to fund our projects efficiently, Exodus has formed partnerships with several registered charities here in the UK which ensures that 100% of donations made get delivered to the projects on the ground.

Friends of Conservation (FOC).

Established in 1982, Friends of Conservation works in all parts of the world to support effective community-based conservation projects. In the struggle to save endangered species and habitats, FOC is committed to work with local people and partners to find sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment.
FOC accept donations on our behalf for the following projects:

Baraka Community Partnerships

Set up in 2006 and registered in 2007, Baraka’s sole purpose is to support communities in developing countries to achieve long-term self-sufficiency and sustainability.  To achieve these aims they work in close collaboration with local communities and require they take ownership of each project by identifying priorities and contributing in some way.  
Baraka accept donations on our behalf for the following projects:


ALD Life

This is a UK charity set up to support families of children with the rare genetic disorder adrenoleukodystrophy.  Exodus chose ALD Life as our UK Charity after we were approached by its founder, Sara Hunt, who used to work for us. Both of Sara’s sons were diagnosed with this rare, inherited metabolic disorder.  Although her youngest son underwent a successful bone marrow transplant, her eldest boy died in Dec 2012.  Sara continues to campaign for funding for research as well as supporting families that have been affected.  Read about how we support ALD here.

Penguin Lifelines

As part of Exodus' commitment to conservation and responsible travel, we have teamed up with Penguin Lifelines, a conservation project run by Oxford University to understand the impact of climate change and fisheries on Antarctic penguins and to design a protected area network.

Read about how we support ZSL Penguin Lifelines


Steinach/Gschnitztal  Mountain Rescue Team

Members of the Mountain Rescue Team with the equipment donated by Highlander MD, Bahram GolzariExodus has been operating holidays in Trins for more than 30 years. As with everywhere we visit, we aim to support the local community. One of the ways we provide support in Trins is by making donations to the Steinach/Gschnitztal  Mountain Rescue Team.

Read more about travelling responsibly in the Trins.

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