We’re struggling to contain our excitement as we count down the days to when travel will resume. Imagine that feeling when once again you can finally start exploring all those inspiring destinations on your bucket list. With our complete financial protection promises in place, there’s nothing stopping you from booking your next adventure and having something really special to look forward to. So we’ve collected our top 10 trips across Africa and Asia that are bound to please foodies, wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

 Sri Lanka, Rice Paddy Fields

Discover Sri Lanka – A foodie experience with spice gardens and tea plantations

It goes without saying, Sri Lanka is a paradise for both nature and history lovers with its dramatic landscapes and ancient Buddhist temples, but did you know the food culture here is pretty impressive too? The island abounds with aromatic spices, paddy fields and tea and banana plantations. During this mouth-watering trip, you’ll visit a local spice garden and learn about the heritage of the spices and herbs, as well as taking a tour of a tea factory where you can see how the tea is made. At local restaurants and in the hotels, you can sample rice and curry and other traditional spice-infused dishes of Sri Lanka.

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 Moroccan architecture

Highlights of Morocco – Premium – From Imperial cities to Roman sites

Amid the High Atlas Mountains and dusty deserts stand centuries-old medinas, bustling cities, and ancient sites. Morocco is a colourful cocktail of old and new, a place where you can see how the past has shaped the future. Discover the imperial cities of Meknes, Marrakech, and Fez where you’ll explore medinas, mosques and palaces. You can also delve into the history of Morocco at the Roman site of Volubilis. This former Roman town plays host to well-preserved ruins and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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 Malaysia Orangatans

Borneo and the Malaysian Peninsula – A wildlife adventure with orang-utans and Sun bears

Southeast Asia is known for its dense rainforests and wildlife reserves, and this tour takes you deep into the heart of Borneo and Malaysia in search of the most incredible native animals. You’ll visit the world’s largest orang-utan sanctuary of Sepilok, where you’ll come close to these great apes and watch them feeding in this forested habitat. There is also an optional trip to the Sunbear Conservation Centre where you’ll meet the world’s smallest bear which stands at just 28 inches tall.

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 Egyptian Pyramids

Nile Cruise – A floating journey back in time to pyramids and temples

Explore Egypt in the slow lane on this fascinating cruise along the Nile. Home to some of the world’s most ancient sites, the banks of the Nile are rife with history and let you delve deeper into the country’s past. You’ll visit the Pyramids of Giza, Tutankhamun’s tomb, the Karnak Temple complex, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel.

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 The Five Stans

The Five Stans of the Silk Road – A bazaar tour along the old trading route

Dating back to 130 BCE, the Silk Road is a network of routes that connected traders from Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. This intriguing tour introduces you to the towns, villages and cities of the Five Stans and takes you on a lively adventure of the bustling bazaars. The sounds, smells and sights are intoxicating and lure you into the history and culture. You’ll find all kinds of wares such as traditional crafts, street food, spices, rugs and carpets.

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Elephant heard in South Africa

Cape Town and The Garden Route – Game drives and wildlife spotting in South Africa

South Africa isn’t just about the wine, culture and scenery, it also boasts some of the most spectacular animals on the planet. This guided tour takes you to the best places to spot fabulous wildlife on their home turf. You’ll enjoy a game drive in Addo National Park, which is home to 550 elephants as well as lions, rhinos, buffalos, zebras, and leopards. There’s also the opportunity to go on a whale-watching boat tour, visit the penguin colony at Simonstown, and take a trip to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve where you can see baboons, eland, springbok, and ostrich.

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 Mongolia native horses

Mongolia: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads – Wild desert camping and native horses

This back-to-nature trip lets you embrace Mongolia’s wild side as you camp beneath the stars and explore the steppes where the Takhi horses roam. The Mongolian landscapes are dramatic and untouched and will whet your appetite for adventure. During the trip, you’ll visit Khustain Nuruu National Park and hike to the steppes to witness the native Przewalski’s horses in their natural habitat. Throughout the tour, you’ll spend several nights sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers, which resemble yurts, located in the remote wilderness.

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 Okavango Delta dug out canoe

Namibia & Botswana: Dunes and Delta – Wildlife spotting in a dugout canoe in the Okavango Delta                                                                                   

South Africa is home to some of the greatest and most highly revered animals on the planet. As well as going on safari in Etosha National Park, this trip takes you to the heart of the Okavango Delta in search of lions, hippos, and elephants. To add even more excitement to this adventure, you’ll float down the Okavango River in a dugout canoe to get even closer to the wildlife.

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Rose Red City of Petra, Jordan

A Week in Jordan – Step back in time at the Ancient City of Petra

Set back among Jordan’s desert landscape, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, also known as the “Rose City”, is a magnificent, ancient complex of caves, temples and tombs carved into the pink sandstone. A two-day guided tour lets you unravel the history of this remarkable site as you explore the Siq, the treasury of El Khazneh, and the dizzying heights of el Deir Monastery. Reserve some energy for the hike up to the High Place of Sacrifice, an ancient sacrificial site surrounded by 6-metre tall obelisks. From here there are phenomenal views across the city where you can pause and imagine scenes from the past.  

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Giraffe herd in South Africa

Cape Town to Victoria Falls – Lodge Departure – Game drives and waterfalls

Starting in Cape Town, this wildlife adventure takes you on a thrilling journey among the national parks of Etosha and Chobe where you’ll enjoy game drives in search of rhinos, elephants, lions, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras and springboks. Away from the vast wilderness where the only sounds you’ll hear are those of the animals, you’ll witness the thundering Victoria Falls. There are several ways you can experience this natural wonder: either by helicopter, white water rafting or on a sunset cruise. Alternatively, you can admire its immensity and force from the ground.

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