New brochure, new adventures. Where will your next cycling trip take you? From fine wines to fat bikes, we’ve created some of our most exciting routes yet…

1. BEST FOR COASTAL RIDES From Puglia to Sorrento

What’s New? Four Brilliant New Rides

“There are so many highlights on this trip it’s hard to pick one,” says Product Manager Marta Marinelli of our new Italian feast of a trip – Italy Coast to Coast Ride: Puglia to Sorrento. “It’s a journey through the country’s less-travelled regions and routes. You can expect a rewarding point-to-point ride every day, into the heart of southern Italy,” Marta says of a route which takes in UNESCO World Heritage sites, Greek and Roman ruins, wildflower-carpeted olive groves and stunning mountain scenery.

From Puglia’s ‘heel’ to Amalfi’s blissful coastal resorts, this trip reveals just why Puglia is considered Italy’s ‘rising star’, and why we’ll never tire of Amalfi. With hilly routes and daily distances between 60-100 km this is a moderate to challenging ride – but the climbs take you to the Cilento National Park, an area of stunning natural beauty free from the throngs of tourists.

“Perhaps one of the most beautiful and unexpected highlights will be reaching Castelmezzano, after a challenging but rewarding climb,” Marta says – adding that our trusty support vehicle is available for those who want a little help. “The village is perched on what they call the Dolomites of the South. Spending a night here will be magical.” Of course, this being Italy, food features strongly too. Think typical local trattorias, heritage vineyards and great fish restaurants. “Your accommodation is a great agriturismo, so the food will be truly wonderful.”

“On this amazing cycling adventure you will see for yourself that not only has the Amalfi Coast become, with good reason, Italy’s most famous coastline, and that Puglia’s rising star is well-earned, but also discover an entirely new and little-known, but equally beautiful part of Italy: Basilicata and the Cilento National Park. As cyclists to this undiscovered region of Italy, you’ll enjoy it all – on some of the quietest roads that Italy has to offer.”

2. BEST FOR FOOD & DRINK Self-guided Douro Valley

The Douro ValleyVineyards in the Valley of the River Douro, Portugal


“One of the highlights of this trip is the stunning accommodation, from a traditional olive oil estate to a Douro manor where you can help out in the kitchen!” says Product Manager Gina Eckersley. Of course, there’s no obligation to help out in the kitchen at all!

“They’ve been handpicked to showcase the very best of the area,” Gina says, adding that many offer their own produce for dinner – such as delicate Portuguese wines, olives, home-baked bread and picked-that-day salads. “The route loosely follows the Douro river as the terrain changes from highland plateau, almond and olive groves, and becomes lush terraced vineyards.”

Self-Guided Cycling in the Douro Valley


What’s New? Four Brilliant New Rides

Just when you thought cycling couldn’t get any more interesting – welcome to the winter world of fat bikes… “A holiday with fat bikes is an exciting new way to enjoy the Arctic’s true nature in winter,” says Product Manager Paolo Bonato. At heart, they’re mountain bikes with very wide tyres that will take you through freshly-fallen snow with ease.

“You’ll ride through forests, over frozen lakes following the Keloharju route to the Russian border on specially made tracks, and spend two nights in a remote wilderness cabin with a wood fired sauna.” Evening entertainment? It’s entirely possible that will be provided by the Northern Lights.

4. BEST FOR ADVENTURE Cycle Through Bhutan

What’s New? Four Brilliant New Rides

The tiny, mythical (but very real) Kingdom of Bhutan is just made for cycling. And if you’re itching to explore one of the world’s most spiritually rewarding destinations, this is the trip for you. This spectacular Himalayan country is a land of lofty mountain passes, flower-strewn valleys and ancient, colourful festivals.

You’ll see smiles everywhere too – Bhutan famously is a country united under its love of GNH: Gross National Happiness. It’s an emotion deeply woven into its very fabric, not just a stitched-on grin for tourists. “This new trip takes us from Paro in the west to Bumthang in central Bhutan,” says Gina. “We visit the remote Haa Valley and the busy little capital, Thimpu – the world’s third highest capital.”

This is cycling that’s at once challenging and deeply rewarding. You’ll cross several passes over 3000 metres. But the payoff – those wonderful views of the Himalaya – will be worth every mile. “Bicycles and Bhutan are a perfect fit,” Gina says. “It really is a land of superlatives. A side trip to the beautiful Gangtey Valley, and a visit to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, perched – seemingly impossibly – on a cliff edge, are just some of the stand-out sights, but really it’s the long mountain climbs and exhilarating descents that will linger longest in the memory.”

Tucked away at the eastern end of the mighty Himalaya, the Land of the Thunder Dragon is a wonderful, uplifting and dramatic choice – as remote as it is remarkable.