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Year after year, we scour the mountains of Europe to craft a range of thrilling new cross-country skiing adventures. And we have good news: this year’s batch is ready!

We’re beyond excited to introduce our very first point-to-point cross-country trip, a new skate centre for Eric Woolley and some wonderful new locations. Check out the trips below, or see all our fresh new winter holidays

Cross Country Ski Trips

Finnish Cross-country Skiing Adventure

Cross-country skiingCross country skiing in Finland

Each morning, as the sun crests the snowy horizon, a snow scooter’s engine roars into life. The vehicle carves tracks through the crisp snow, and then all is quiet once more in the wilderness. It’s in the middle of this Finnish scene that you’ll find yourself, skiing from point-to-point across the smooth, flat whiteness of the snow.

This trip is not centre-based – you’ll find yourself in one of three wonderful places each morning. However, it’s not exclusive; anyone with a little experience can undertake this epic adventure.

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Skiing in the Austrian TyrolSkiing in the Austrian Tyrol

Skiing in the Austrian Tyrol

Legendary Exodus leader Eric Woolley has moved! His new skate centre is here, in the municipality of Achenkirch in the Austrian Tyrol. He’ll be offering both pure skate-style weeks and mixed skate/classic weeks, for skiers of various capabilities, using his 25 years’ of experience to the maximum effect. 

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Cross country skiing in SwedenCross country skiing in Sweden

Cross Country Skiing in Sweden

A serene northern wonderland, Sweden is a hidden gem for cross-country skiing. Get off the beaten track, away from the mainstream, improve your skills whilst staying in a delightful lodge in the mountains, and enjoy the delights of a traditional Sami meal. 

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Skiing in SeefeldSkiing in Seefeld

This trip is absolutely ideal for newcomers to the art of classic cross-country skiing. We’ve used Seefeld as a base for years, but now we’ve dedicated its use to those beginning their adventures with classic style – the gorgeous landscapes, charming cafes and nicely graduated loipes make it the perfect place to learn.

Be inspired by our cross-country ski adventures below and don your skiis.