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Joyce is a little eight-year-old girl who lives 100 yards away from our school in Kasalu, Zambia. I met her last December and discovered she was not attending school.

She was a very quiet, softly spoken kid with a downtrodden demeanour and a sad face. Her life had been pretty tough so far. Her mother had died, her father abandoned her and she was living with an aunt. An aunt not overly keen on her presence, an aunt that made her work all day, threw in the odd beating and refused to let her attend school as it cost too much.

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After a brief chat with her aunt and an even briefer chat with Joyce, it was soon agreed that we would pay the £3 per term to put her through school. This picture was taken moments after Joyce was told she would be going to school – I think her smile says it all.

I was back in Kasalu 6 months later and a happier more confident girl it would be hard to find. She is flourishing at school, taking part in all activities and progressing well. It’s really that simple – £9 a year. I then came across her cousin Bonface who is also not in school but that’s another story. – By Andy McKee – Volunteer Trip Leader

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