With a landscape of verdant mountains, rainforests, paddy fields, tumbling waterfalls and sweeping gorges, Sri Lanka is a natural paradise perfect for an adventure. On our Discover Sri Lanka trip you’ll spend two weeks exploring the delights of this diverse and inspiring island, from climbing the rock fortress at Sigiriya for breath-taking views, to searching for leopard in Yala National Park. Hear from Lorna, a recent traveller on this trip, to discover everything you need to know about this incredible adventure.  


What was the most memorable moment of your trip?

Cycling through the villages and backroads of Sri Lanka and observing the local people and wildlife. For example, the boys jumping in the river and a lady drying her rice on the road.  We stopped for refreshing coconut water then an amazing lunch stop at a local home. It was fantastic to be welcomed and treated to traditional food all served on banana leaves. We were hungry after cycling!

Lorna Landscape

What did you think of your group leader, and does having a leader help you discover more about a destination than travelling alone?

Roshan was a great leader. He really looked after us seamlessly. Although he had many challenges with the unrest in Sri Lanka with the Government at the time of our trip, he made sure we managed to achieve everything in our itinerary, even leaving our hotel in Kandy at 4am to avoid curfew restrictions and had enough diesel for the bus to complete our travel. On the long drives he provided commentary on Sri Lankan life. Having a leader definitely helps you discover more about the area and gives you confidence to travel solo knowing you are not alone.


Is there any activity or experience that really stands out to you and why?

Lots really but White-water River rafting. I was initially a bit apprehensive but loved it. Such fun! We went swimming in the river at the end and it felt exhilarating as the whole group just had so much fun. We rafted past where the Bridge built for the film “Bridge over the River Kwai” had been filmed and could still see some remains of the bridge which I found fascinating! We got soaked but I felt like “nature girl” afterwards and really enjoyed my breakfast following this activity.

Seeing wild animals was also incredible – I’m a huge nature lover and seeing so many elephants in the reserves and then the leopard walking out in front of our jeep just before it started to pour with rain was the icing on the cake. He knew he needed to get somewhere dry unlike us! 


What local cuisines did you try, and were there any foodie experiences that you particularly enjoyed?

I love fruit so I ate the fresh fruit offered at every opportunity and drank a lot of Lion Beer. I tried Chicken Kottu and I loved the Sri Lankan curries as they have coconut milk as the base.

What did you enjoy most about travelling as a group?

Companionship – like-minded people who have all chosen to travel to the same destination, so you have that in common from the start. Sharing the experience and making new friends.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love travelling with Exodus as you get the right balance between activity, culture and relaxation time.

The itinerary on this holiday was great. So many highlights. I loved seeing tea being grown on the hill sides and it was great to have a proper cuppa on holiday! I’ve not even mentioned the temples! Brilliant trip!

If you’d like to follow in Lorna’s footsteps and discover everything Sri Lanka has to offer, then you can find out more about our adventures to Sri Lanka here.  

All images used with permission from author.