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So which destinations made the Exodus hot list for 2017? Based purely on the number of bookings, we disclose our top 10 bestselling adventure holidays from 2017.

Our travellers loved these itineraries, but don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews for each trip to see just how popular they are! Practised and perfected every year, these adventure holidays are sure to exceed expectation, and you can experience them too!

Italian Adventure Holiday

1 .Walking the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi CoastThe beautiful Amalfi coast

Time and time again, the Amalfi Coast steals first place in the Exodus bestsellers rankings, and with good reason. Who can fail to fall in love with the dramatic coastline dotted with pastel-coloured dwellings and the incredible homemade Italian cuisine? Bella!

This location is steeped in history. Whether exploring quaint towns on foot or discovering Pompeii’s shocking past, the Amalfi coast’s popularity never seems to waver. Introducing our enduring bestseller….

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Vietnam Adventure Trip

2. Cycling Vietnam

Vietnam street sceneTraditional street scene in Vietnam

Riding into second position is our Cycling Vietnam itinerary, and it’s no wonder that this riveting ride has held a place in the charts for so long. Two-wheels is definitely the way to get around in South East Asia. Watch locals navigate choc-a-block city streets with astonishing ease on mopeds and pushbikes piled high with meticulously balanced wares.

Vietnam warmly welcomes the cycling traveller, making every day in the saddle a joy. You can travel the length of Vietnam and discover all the best bits by bike.

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Costa Rica Adventure Holiday

3. Discover Costa Rica

Costa RicaA colourful Red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica

Seeing a surge in popularity after the Jungles episode of Planet Earth II, Costa Rica is sure to impress. Staying in stunning ecolodges allows our travellers to get up close and personal with the rainforest and its fascinating inhabitants. Making ecotourism centric to our trips ensures minimal impact on the country’s unique environment. Costa Rica is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for wildlife enthusiasts – with its many diverse ecosystems this small country has rich landscapes for you to discover, all the way from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

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Sri Lanka Adventure Holiday

4. Discover Sri Lanka

Sri LankaBuddha statues in Dambulla Caves, Sri Lanka

Have you ever met anyone that said they didn’t like Sri Lanka? Didn’t think so. The wildlife is certainly one reason to visit. Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to see a wild elephant!

Leafy tea plantations as far as the eye can see, bright Buddhist monasteries and ancient rock fortresses make this a firm favourite. The tropical white sand beaches probably have some appeal as well… must be why it comes in at number four in our bestselling adventures in 2017!

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Spanish Adventure Holiday

5. Walking in the Picos de Europa

Picos de EuropaThe Picos de Europa

Spain’s third-highest mountain range climbs the ranks a whole 3 places from 2016! This serene setting is a walker’s utopia. With a range of gradients to suit varying abilities, pull on your walking boots and go adventuring in one of the most picturesque of mountain ranges in Europe.

It’s an utter pleasure. From gorge walking to canoeing, this one is definitely one for the activity enthusiasts!

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Middle East Adventure Trip

6. A week in Jordan

The 'red-rose city' PetraThe ‘rose-red city’ Petra

A new entry for 2017, adventure holidays to Jordan have soared in the last year. The influx of visitors is partly due to a more relaxed political situation on the ground. One week is an optimal amount of time to visit the highlights of this exciting middle eastern destination.

You can navigate the vast expanses of desert on camel and rediscover the lost city of Petra, or bob about in the Dead Sea. Round off the week with an exhilarating 4WD excursion, we guarantee you’ll come back with some amazing memories.

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Finland Adventure Holiday

7. Finnish Wilderness Week

The Finnish WildernessThe magical Finnish wilderness

Snowshoe, dogsled or ski in fairy-tale surroundings. This unspoilt wilderness location in the heart of Oulanka National Park is the perfect place to appreciate snowy, remote tranquillity.

We stay in the only accommodation for miles around and offer a range of winter activities to help you explore this isolated and enchanting location.

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South America Adventure Holiday

8. The Inca Trail

The Inca TrailA llama on the Inca Trail

The ancient Inca Trail tops many traveller’s bucket lists. Complete the four-day trek through Dead Woman’s Pass, the highest point on the trail, and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views at UNESCO World Heritage site Machu Picchu.

Our itinerary is designed to maximise your time at this wonder of the world, beating the crowds with an early morning tour of the ruins so you can get a truly unique perspective of this unbelievable site.

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Italian Adventure Trip

9. Sicilian Volcanoes

The island of StromboliThe island of Stromboli 

If volcanoes are your thing, Sicily is the destination for you! With striking active volcanoes, black beaches, and thermal springs the Aeolian Islands are a must-see.

Walk on Mt Etna, the highest and most active European volcano, where you can also witness volcanic activity on Stromboli. Soak up the natural beauty of the area on foot and visit archaeological ruins on some of the best islands including Lipari. A mix of interesting walks and fantastic cuisine, it’s sure to be a winner!

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Croatian Adventure Holiday

10. Cycling the Dalmatian Coast

Cycling the Dalmatian CoastExplore the Dalmatian Coast by bike

Last but by no means least… The dreamy Dalmatian Coast comes in at number 10. What better way to explore this peaceful coastline than by bike? With sparkling Mediterranean waters and a wealth of historic and cultural interest, the Dalmatian Coast is arguably one of the best locations in Europe.

Our cycling routes take in the beautiful ports of Hvar and Korčula and allow you to discover tiny medieval towns and pleasant pebbled bays. The tour ends in gorgeous city of Dubrovnik, famed for its charming old town. This is the perfect trip for soaking up some sun and the atmosphere of this uniquely preserved city.

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