When it comes to walking holidays, few places on earth can match the beauty and majesty of the Alps. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a relative novice looking for a challenge, this sensational mountain range offers a range of trails and routes to test and inspire you.

The Alps span eight countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Monaco. What sets the Alps apart from other hiking destinations is the sheer scale and diversity of the terrain. There’s no shortage of impressive scenery along the way, from snow-capped peaks and glacial valleys to rolling meadows and sparkling lakes.

But it’s not just the natural beauty that makes a walking holiday in the Alps so special. There’s also the sense of adventure and accomplishment that comes with tackling some of the world’s most iconic hiking routes, such as the Mont Blanc Circuit. So, we’ve listed a couple of our favourite routes in the Alps to spark your next adventure.

5 Wonderful Walks in the Alps

Cross into Italy at Grand Col Ferret

Explore the magnificent beauty of the Alps by walking the Mont Blanc Circuit. It’s a trail that takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland, offering sensational views of snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque villages as a fitting reward for some challenging ascents. On our Tour du Mont Blanc Hotel Trek, you’ll be guided by a qualified International Mountain Leader and have the company of your fellow group members as you go while your baggage is transported by a support vehicle.

It’s a fully accommodated walking holiday, with all nights spent in various lodgings, from family-run hotels to simple inns or pensions. The trek is challenging but rewarding, covering around 100 miles across diverse landscapes, from lush forests and rolling meadows to rocky ridges and glaciers. Grand Col Ferret is the highest point on the route at a lofty 8,320 feet (2,535 metres), and it’s here that you’ll cross into Italy, a highlight on an adventure that’s undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime.

5 Wonderful Walks in the Alps

See the shimmering lakes of Slovenia

If you’re searching for a peaceful walking holiday in Europe away from the crowds, consider exploring the rugged limestone peaks of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. This picturesque region, located at the easternmost point of the Alpine range, boasts serene scenery and excellent hiking opportunities. You can marvel at Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia, and admire the glacial lakes of Bohinj and Bled from afar.

Our Lakes & Mountains of Slovenia itinerary includes five different walks that traverse the national park and the Karavanke range, allowing you to experience a variety of landscapes such as meadows, forests, lake shores, and mountain ridges. Each day you’ll return to a family-run pension where evenings can be spent admiring the alpine scenery from the terrace in the company of your small group.

5 Wonderful Walks in the Alps

March to the Matterhorn

Embark on an unforgettable summer trek from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn along the famous Haute Route. This renowned long-distance ski-touring route covers around 100 miles linking the valleys of the Haute Savoie in France to the Swiss Valais. An experienced guide will lead you beneath ten of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps as you admire the sweeping landscapes dotted with glittering glacial lakes and picturesque valleys. You’ll rest in cosy alpine huts or tents at night, fully immersing yourself in this remote and peaceful setting.

5 Wonderful Walks in the Alps

Make your way around Mont Blanc in one week

The Tour du Mont Blanc Week itinerary is a sought-after adventure for avid trekkers looking to challenge themselves and experience the stunning beauty of the Mont Blanc massif in just one week. With a focus on the most beautiful parts of the area, this seven-day trip is as thrilling as it is rewarding.

Throughout the journey, you’ll stay in modest, family-owned lodgings that provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As you hike in a clockwise direction around the massif, you’ll have the opportunity to savour delicious local dishes from three different countries. But the real magic of the Tour du Mont Blanc Week itinerary lies in the incredible views and unforgettable experiences that await. In the space of seven days, you’ll ascend stunning peaks such as the Grand Col Ferret (8,320ft/2,537m), the Col de la Seigne (8,250ft/2,516m) and the Col de la Croix du Bonhomme (8,130ft/2,479m), while passing idyllic Alpine villages and hamlets en route, including Orsières, Les Chapieux and Les Houches. Along the way, you’ll also encounter historical landmarks that offer a glimpse into the fascinating history and culture of the region.

5 Wonderful Walks in the Alps

Traverse from Switzerland to Italy at Grand Col Ferret

Hike point-to-point on our back-to-nature Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Trek, which takes 15 days, with ten trekking and three rest days — often considered the ideal duration to savour this unforgettable circuit around Mont Blanc. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to try various activities away from the trail, such as paragliding and taking the Aiguille du Midi cable car for a closer look at Mont Blanc.

An experienced Mountain Leader will guide you through six mountain passes, glaciers, alpine meadows, and charming villages. Comfortable campsites with incredible views, spacious tents, and single tents are available for your accommodation. There’s dedicated camp support and a van to transport your baggage between each location and set up your tents before your arrival, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of this classic trek fully.

When you’re looking for a way to reconnect with the world around you and improve your physical and mental well-being, consider a walking holiday in the Alps for an experience that you’ll never forget.