With rum, revolutionaries, and rich traditions, Cuba’s charm is impossible to resist. Our trips to Cuba are a visual feast. Classic cars rumble along cobbled streets in between yellow, crumbling colonial mansions, white sandy beaches, a patchwork of plantations, fields, and jungles.

Cuba is one of the oldest Caribbean islands, with fascinating culture born from a tumultuous, revolutionary history – with lively seaside towns, green rainforests and the colonial grandeur of Old Havana, Cuba truly offers a unique cultural experience.

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Cuba:


1. Old Havana

If you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation in Cuba, you’ll love exploring the charm of Havana in a classic car and learning the secrets to making the perfect mojito from local barkeeps; Cuba’s character will astonish. Literature, music, politics, and in its rich traditions, folklore, and legends, make almost every street corner in the city famous. Visit the world-famous landmark, the El Museo de la Revolucion (The Museum of the Revolution).

Hang out with the locals on the Malecón, the seafront road near the city centre. Enjoy an evening soaking up the vibrant nightlife in hot tavernas, sipping cocktails in one of Hemingway’s old haunts, or live it up at one of the singing, dancing spectacular salsa shows at the legendary Tropicana Club.


2. Cuba’s Laid-back Attitude

The relaxed lifestyle in Cuba will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Cuba’s laid-back attitude is one of the things that make her stand out from other tourist destinations. Visitors to Cuba can enjoy their vacation without feeling overworked or stressed because Cubans take things slow and easy. This relaxed culture is the result of centuries of tradition and the country’s natural resources.

Cuban Woman

3. The Warm Local People

The sweet, friendly people of Cuba are a delight to be around, making your trip a truly cherished experience. Cubans are unique people who have their own customs and traditions. Much of Cuban culture is rooted in agriculture and livestock industries. Today, the lively Cuban countryside is dotted with colourful small villages, cattle ranges and agriculture fields. The passionate locals and calming atmosphere make vacationing in this Caribbean country a joy!

Trinidad Cuba

4. Trinidad

Soak up the vibrant streets of Trinidad on our tours of Cuba. Visit Casa de la Trova or Casa de la Musica to experience traditional Cuban music and dancing or cycle through tropical scenery and quiet coastal roads. Trinidad has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988 and with its cobbled streets and horse-drawn transportation, it’s perhaps the best-preserved colonial town on the island. There are many interesting museums to visit in the daytime, but as the sun sets Trinidad really comes alive with its local charm and fierce nightlife.

Havana Cuba

5. The History, Culture & Cuisine

From its location on the Caribbean Island chain – to its tumultuous relationship with Spain and America, Cuba’s fascinating history is worth exploring. Cuban culture is a mix of Spanish, African, and indigenous Cuban traditions. The history and traditional culture have been vividly preserved through music, dance, literature and art. The music and dance of Cuba are some of the most dazzling in the world. Dance with locals to some of the most popular genres of Cuban music including mambo, rumba, chuchuni, and cha-cha-chá.

When it comes to Cuba, rum, coffee and cigars are some of the most potent of their culture. Famously, Havana Club Rum, made from sugarcane, is unmatched in flavour. Coffee from Cuba traditionally contains higher levels of caffeine than most, with flavour notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and cigars. The result is a smooth, full-bodied energy-boosting beverage. Cuban cigars offer a unique cultural smoking experience. These cigars are made in small batches, so you can be sure you’re getting expertly crafted local goods.

Cuban gastronomy is infused with flavour and precision, providing delicious fare that revitalizes your taste buds – no matter your dietary preferences! The food is delicious, and you won’t be short on opportunities to dance to Latin beats with dinner and a show.


6. The Dramatic Landscape

From tree-filled mountaintops and cloud forests to shimmering coral reefs bustling with marine life, the island of Cuba is an ecological wonder! Watch the rolling waves near Trinidad and walk through lush forests, Cuba has something for everyone when it comes to scenic beauty. The stunning scenery of Cuba will take your breath away – it’s hard to believe that such spectacularly picturesque landscapes can exist on earth! Whether you explore Havana’s historic district or relax on a white sand beach Cuba’s natural allure is hard to beat.

Basilica Virgen De La Caridad Cuba

7. El Cobre

Take the pilgrimage to one of the most important sites for Cubans, El Cobre, home to the shrine of The Virgin of Charity. Learn the legends of old and discover the beauty of relics from another era.

The statue at this site has been worshipped since its foundation in 1608. The importance of this holy site was further acknowledged in 1906, when the pope visited the shrine of the Virgin of Charity and declared her the patron saint of Cuba.

sierra maestra cuba

8. Castro’s Revolutionary Headquarters

Into the mountains past coffee plantations take an exhilarating ride through Sierra Maestra – a region rarely visited by other tourists. In the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, a spectacular national park within Cuba’s highest mountain range, you’ll find Fidel Castro’s secret mountain hideout that formed the base of his operations during the Cuban Revolutionary War. Make sure to head to the museum to learn more about the headquarters and the various facilities that were on site. Why not spend some time trying to find the seven secret escape routes?

El Nicho Cuba

9. El Cubano’ Nature Park

If trekking El Yunque wasn’t enough for you, head to El Cubano Nature Park, a reserve nestled in countryside on the outskirts of Trinidad for the true natural beauty of this magical isle. Walk through tropical forests to reach rushing, sparkling waterfall where you can stop to take a refreshing dip or just breathe in the earth’s splendour.

Bay of Pigs

10. Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs is most known for the failed US invasion that took place here in 1961, creating more turbulent history for this already fascinating country. If the history of the area doesn’t interest you, fear not, as this also happens to be a scuba diving and snorkelling mecca.

If you’re excited to get out of the routine and explore another country, then Cuba may be the perfect place for you! With its rich culture, gorgeous landscapes, and welcoming people, visiting Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.