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Exodus Does Adventure Travel
Exodus Does Adventure Travel

Exodus Does Adventure Travel

Do you know what makes the most magical travel experiences? Exodus does.

With a small-group guided adventure from Exodus Adventure Travels, you’ll find inspiring itineraries, exceptional guides, like-minded travelers, unrivalled local knowledge and above all else… wondrous moments that last a lifetime.

So, join us in our 50th year and rediscover your wonder for the world in 2024!

Join us, and let Exodus be ‘Your Guide to the World’

Exodus Does Adventure Travel

The best guides in the business. Awarded GOLD by Wanderlust

Exodus Does Adventure Travel

Nat Geo Traveller Best Operator & Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice 2022

Exodus Does Adventure Travel

100 square meters of land Rewilded for every guest that travels

Exodus Does Adventure Travel

Our People, Places & Planet plan is working to improve life through travel

Signposts on the Tour de Mont Blanc, France

Your words, not ours

A thoroughly enjoyable, very varied and interesting holiday including the cities, countryside and seaside and an insight into the life and history of the people, a joy to see them flourishing in the freedom of independence.

An easy cycling trip exploring the 3 Baltic states, their capitals, countryside and beaches, as well as gaining a good understanding of their social, political and historical background up to the present day.

A great trip, a journey into the history of the Baltics. Never a dull moment with opportunity to walk in the countryside of four countries

This was a great trekking experience with plenty of good advice available from the Exodus team beforehand in terms of preparation and what to expect. We started in the second week of the trekking season and so encountered a good deal of snow, which for us was a first in terms of trekking. We also had two fairly short ‘river’ crossings, which we had to negotiate and again a first for us. Our group leader was an extremely experienced mountain guide who made a great deal of effort to keep the group focussed on the trail ahead especially when it mattered. Amazing views at the tops of climbs and probably not a good trek for those with a fear of heights!

A great trip for seeing wildlife. We saw so much and pretty well everything except a cheetah.
Full of amazing moments and experiences from start to finish. The Chobe River cruise is a must as is the walk in the Victoria Falls Park.
Our group of 10 got on very well and made sure we moved around the ‘truck’ to share the bumps and reduced leg room seats.

This was an excellent trip with plenty of variety due to having a week of nature, the culture of the Malaysian Peninsula and the idyllic relaxing Island of Langkawi. Melaka was excellent. I loved all the buzz. The Batu temple was amazing. Then there was the tranquillity of the Sandakan memorial.

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