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Family snorkeling, Thailand

Family Holidays in Thailand

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Top Six Street Foods to Try on Family Holidays in Thailand

Pad Krapao Moo: This stir-fried pork dish is a popular street food you’ll find in most cities during Thailand family tours. Most often, either pork or chicken is the main ingredient and is fried alongside holy basil. The spicy sauce consists of chilli, garlic, green beans, oyster sauce and soy sauce – a delicious combination that really brings the dish alive. Pad krapao moo is usually served with fragrant Thai rice and topped with a fried egg. If its comfort food that gets you excited, then this is definitely the dish to try.

Pad Thai: No doubt you’ll have heard of Pad Thai as this is one of the most popular and traditional dishes of Thailand, as well as being one of the most colourful. It can be rustled up with chicken, pork or shrimp and is traditionally accompanied by flat rice noodles, bean sprouts and lime, for that extra zing. Pad Thai became popular in Bangkok when the prime minister wanted to overcome the country’s rice shortage. The vibrant combination of sweet, sour and spice create the most intense flavour sensation that makes it one of the best dishes in Thailand.

Khao Ka Moo: Another great comfort food that is popular with both locals and visitors to Thailand, Khao ka moo is one of those street food dishes that leaves you with a warm feeling of contentment. Pork is braised on the bone until it falls apart and becomes a melt-in-the-mouth consistency before serving with a portion of rice, chillies, pickled greens and a hard-boiled egg. You’ll find the dish being made throughout the streets of Thailand and because of its lack of hot spice, it’s a popular food among children.

Kai Jeow: Although the word ‘omelette’ derives from France, you might be surprised to learn that its origins are from ancient Persia. Deep fried in lashings of oil, salt, soy sauce and fish sauce, this Thai favourite is an indulgent eggy treat served at many food stalls and restaurants. Most locals simply enjoy the Kai jeow with just a dollop of sweet ketchup or chilli sauce and it makes a great snack for eating on the move.

Roti Gluay: For anyone with a sweet tooth, Roti gluay – a Thai variation on fried banana pancakes – is an indulgent treat that children go crazy for. And not only does it taste sensational, but it looks pretty incredible too. This delicious dessert is a must-try when visiting the capital city of Bangkok and is also great fun to watch being made. The ingredients combine a bread-like pastry, whisked eggs and generous slices of banana which can be topped off with anything from chocolate sauce and coconut to sugar or honey.

Khao Neow Mamuang: Mango sticky rice is another Thai street food that promises to make you salivate. The combination of coconut sticky rice and mango is simple yet delicious and will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. The rice is steamed and then blended with thick coconut cream and sugar before serving with sweet, ripe mango and topped with coconut cream or mung beans.

We went on this trip as a family of four with children aged 12 and 14, over Christmas 2022. We had an absolutely brilliant time and the memories will stay with us forever. Costa Rica just has everything- amazing wildlife, great weather, beautiful scenery, beaches, friendly people, felt very safe and just a wonderful and easy place to be. Without exception the activities were all brilliant especially the hot springs and rafting. Johnny and Victor looked after us incredibly well and really went the extra mile to make sure we had a great time. Johnny clearly has a genuine love for his country and is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the wildlife. The travelling was all very pleasant and the only bad thing was that the trip had to end! Cannot recommend this trip highly enough if you want a great experience with loads of amazing wildlife, fun and adventure.

James Gray Costa Rica Adventure Family Holiday

The whole family loved the trip and everyday even the travel days there was something to look fwd to.

colin stanley Costa Rica Adventure Family Holiday

Before we went on this amazing trip whenever we were asked where we were going it invariably provoked a “Really…why?” type of response. We’re now much more qualified to answer that question. Firstly, let’s address the 4/5 rating. Don’t get us wrong, this trip was amazing but it’s up against our first Exodus holiday to Costa Rica in Christmas 2019 and that’s a very hard act to follow. Being more cultural, historical and less about animals and adrenaline, this is a far harder holiday to make work with our particular family. Despite this, our time in Jordan was virtually non-stop and we’ve come home with memories that will last our lifetimes. No more comparisons.

Mike Crook Petra & Wadi Rum Family Adventure