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Culture Holidays in Nepal

Culture Holidays in Nepal

Nepal Culture Holidays

This trip was an arduous but ultimately very fulfilling trek round 158 miles of some of the most beautiful scenery in Nepal. Luckily, we had no rain and most of the time walked in bright and glorious sunshine.

Craig Mitchell Annapurna Circuit

A very satisfying trek encircling the Annapurna range. A huge variety of landscapes and climatic zones

Sid Withey Annapurna Circuit

India – Visa – until India changes the visa process for UK citzens to that of the rest of the world – DO NOT GO – problems wrong details delays and excessive costs – Indian government obviously does not want British Tourists. Our trip was due to have 12 people only 6 managed to get the visa in time. If the indian Government says they fixed it do not believe it, there should be no difference in the visa application to that of the rest of the Europe, America Australia etc Nepal – if your trip involves a lot of long drives – do not go, as the country has excessive road works going on at the moment, understandable given earthquake damages – a 200km journey took 10 hours – we had 3 journeys which each took most of the day to travel which eats into the holiday. I suggest waiting 3 years at least till the works substantially finished Taj Mahal and Everest are both stunning – but really not worth the hassel till they fix the visa situation and the roads

Channa Saman Highlights of Northern India & Nepal