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Walking Holidays in Germany
Ettal Monastery,Upper Bavaria,Germany

Walking Holidays in Germany

Bavaria Walking Holidays

Top Four Most Beautiful Places to Explore on Walking Holidays in Germany

Oberammergau: Nestled in the quiet foothills of the Alps in Southern Bavaria, Oberammergau is a quintessential chocolate-box village, which is the starting point for many picturesque walking trails. The well-marked walking routes lead you on wonderful journeys of discovery as you embark on gentle strolls through flower-strewn meadows and more challenging hikes up into the mountains. Imagine walking through undulating landscapes interrupted only by emerald-green lakes and cascading waterfalls, where you can totally switch off from day-to-day life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Along many of the routes, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore ancient monasteries and churches, majestic palaces and pretty houses adorned with colourful frescoes.

Bavaria: Famed for its still lakes, snow-dusted mountains and fairytale castles that cling to the hillsides, Bavaria is a magical place that dreams are made of. When you enjoy Bavaria walking holidays, you’ll think you’ve just stepped into a wonderland that exists only in children’s story books. But when you pinch yourself, you’ll realise that such a place really does exist. Our guided walking tour of Bavaria lets you follow winding mountain paths and explore verdant pastures at your leisure, stopping off for a cool German beer at one of the alpine huts along the way. Visit iconic lakes such as Tegernsee andSchliersee and swim beneath immense mountain peaks.

Altmühltal Nature Park: Also located in the heart of Bavaria is Altmuhltal Nature Park where its natural landscapes present perfect walking trails for exploring on foot. The park is the second largest in Germany and is filled with interesting historical sites. Walking along river valleys and sprawling forests, you’ll uncover an ancient landscape where restored forts and ramparts pay testament to the region’s Roman and Celtic past. Later years saw the construction of ornate palaces, churches and monasteries built by nobility and princely archbishops. En route there’s also plenty of tasty Bavarian delights on offer – try one of the famous speciality sausages or a stein of Bavarian beer.

Altmuhltal Panorama Trail: Setting off from the spa town of Treuchtlingen to the town of Kelheim, the Altmuhltal Panorama Trail is an extremely varied route that meanders among the rich habitats of Germany’s flora and fauna. As you walk above river valleys and juniper heaths, you’ll come across ancient monuments, fossils and limestone rocks, not to mention the outstanding views over the River Altmuhl. Discover natural wonders such as the rock towers of the Twelve Apostles and keep your eyes peeled for the Archaeopteryx fossils. Throughout your journey, stay at medieval villages and delve into the local history and traditions of Bavaria.

Pictures don’t capture the unreal beauty of this trip! I took them anyway but by our last hiking day I was in tears from the accomplishment, the energy of our group, and the beauty of the valley and mountains. This is a trip of a lifetime!

I always felt I was pretty active but this trip challenged me in ways I wasn’t sure I could finish, but am so happy to say I DID! We left smiles, tears, and friendships in the mountains. Just an incredible experience and our guide, Marià, is a beast who was turning around to do it all over again in 2 days! Absolutely impressive and he was an incredible guide that kept us motivated, safe, and smiling. Only a few Spanish minutes till the top.

Mandy Lee Tour du Mont Blanc Hotel Trek

The scenery in the Chamonix valley is stunning and this trip is well named as it certainly highlighted the highlights. Our group stayed in Chalet Chapula and we couldn’t have asked for better hosts or chalet companions.
Laura and Gonzalo provided us with excellent meals every day and were very approachable and helpful. Les Houches is a busy but laid back area of Chamonix and a great location to start our walks from.

DAMIAN O'NEILL Mont Blanc Highlights

A lovely week in an undisturbed mountain environment. We hardly saw anyone else on our walks, and Yagodina village is completely calm. It feels such a healthy week – unspoilt and wholesome.

Paul Masters Bulgaria: Rodopi Mountains