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Vinales, Cuba


Vinales Adventure Holidays

This was a trip of variety in a very different culture with plenty of different experiences. The Cuban people have a lively spirit, both in their rum and in their music and these are readily available through the trip from city to beach. The trip provides a great feel for the people, their lives, history, economy and their struggles. Although a poor country, the people and the visit were overall uplifting. The trip flew by but will remain a memorable visit.

Martin Samuels A Taste of Cuba

Cuba had been on my bucket list for a very long time and it did not disappoint. What an amazing trip this was, perfect in every way! Cuba offers so much: beautiful and diverse countryside, colourful historic towns ,fantastic beaches and the friendliest people I have ever met. I was also very lucky to share this experience with a lovely group of like-minded people who made this experience extra special.

Ilenia Barausse A Taste of Cuba

Cuba has the most beautiful scenic mountains, forests, beaches, lowlands, and wildlife. The roads are pretty awful in Cuba, but our driver did a great job of navigating the potholes. Cuba’s towns and cities are a beautiful example of people who have the least being happy to share what little they have. The locals were all friendly, generous, and welcoming, not to mention happy to put up with me murdering the Spanish language in an attempt to communicate. Trinidad is party central! Every night of the week, bars and clubs have excellent live bands, and so many amazing dancers. Havana is packed full of culture, and although a lot of the city is run down and falling down, you can see where restoration work on the colonial style building has been completed to a very high standard, and where it is ongoing. The Rum museum (Museo Del Ron Havana Club) is well worth a trip, the basic tour lasts about 1/2 hour and includes a generous sample of the 7 year old Havana Club rum for 350 pesos, which at the time was less than £4! Generally prices in Cuba are very low, and thankfully now you only have to deal with Cuban pesos and Euros, whereas in the past there was also CUC too!

Gavin Ireland A Taste of Cuba