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Perinet National Park

Perinet National Park

Perinet National Park Adventure Holidays

I’ve wanted to visit Madagascar for some time, mainly to see the lemurs and to visit the giant baobab trees, but there is so much more to Madagascar, it has to be one of the most amazing and unique places I have ever travelled to! Everyday there was something new and exciting to experience. This is a fast-paced trip and you are always on the move, with quite a lot of long drives on poor roads, but I have to say it’s totally worth it, you just have to embrace it as part of the adventure. Even during the long drives the landscape is constantly changing, we travelled through cool rainforests, paddy fields, sandy beaches, canyons, deserts, spiny forests, rivers, and some really the fascinating towns and villages.

Aneesa Dalwai Madagascan Discoverer

A fantastic adventure holiday. Yes the days are long with a lot of travelling, but the rewards along the way more than make up for it. The spotters ability to find lemurs, chameleons, frogs, geckos, etc (even in the dark!) was unbelievable. Our guide, Claudia, was one of the best guides we’ve ever had. The landscapes are varied and the people are lovely.

Graham Dobbie Madagascan Discoverer

A lovely trip exploring the highlights of Madagascar, staying in some beautiful hotels with plenty of wildlife seen (13 different species of lemur, many frogs, chemeleons, geckos, kingfishers, flamingos) and beautiful scenery. The local guides are exceptional with their level of knowledge and ability to answer all questions! However for context, I visited Costa Rica with Exodus in 2019 and personally I thought it was better than Madagascar in terms of the amount of wildlife seen, and therefore value for money. Just be aware that not every single day on this trip is jam-packed with wildlife viewing. For the first six days of the trip, four of them (8am til 6pm) were entirely on the bus. The long driving days on difficult roads are not to be underestimated, and can feel frustrating at times but really is the only way that x6 national parks in two weeks can be covered. Perhaps naively, I wasn’t prepared for the level of poverty seen, it is extremely sobering and does tug at the heartstrings. All in all a great trip, just with a few unfortunate bits along the way and the only things which let it down for me were the food and the group demographics. With a fitter and more like-minded group, and a less ‘beige’ diet, this trip would have been absolutely perfect.

Louisa Green Highlights of Madagascar