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Kalahari Desert
Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert Adventure Holidays

A great trip for seeing wildlife. We saw so much and pretty well everything except a cheetah.
Full of amazing moments and experiences from start to finish. The Chobe River cruise is a must as is the walk in the Victoria Falls Park.
Our group of 10 got on very well and made sure we moved around the ‘truck’ to share the bumps and reduced leg room seats.

Marion Hughes Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana

I’ve now done this trip two times and both experiences were fantastic. The wildlife is exceptional – an incredible number of elephants, lions, leopards (the first time we saw 12, this time we saw three mating), wild dogs, hyenas, masses of antelope, even a serval. The list could go on. Botswana’s low density tourism means that even in the major reserves you never feel surrounded by other people and most of the time the group is on its own.

Both times I did the camping departure which has the inevitable discomforts of camping but repays with the extraordinary experience of being out in the bush. The camping team were fantastic and couldn’t have done more to make sure we had a great time.

Aqua-Abasi Akpabio Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana

This trip isn’t for everyone. You have to be prepared for camping in the wild: sleeping in a tent to the sounds of lions, hyenas and hippos; rising with the sun in the early morning; and the joys of “bushy bushy” (if you know, you know). But with this trip comes some of the most exceptional wildlife viewing experiences I’ve had. And the unique experience of being among the wilderness made this feel like one of the most authentic safari holidays out there.

Tim Fowler Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana