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Foodie Holidays

Get a taste for adventure on our culinary extravaganzas

Food & Drink Holidays

Gourmet globetrotters, look no further. Our food & drink holidays will give you your destination on a plate, a chance to get a real flavour of a country or region. These foodie holidays aren’t about exclusive, high-end restaurants; they’re about authentic flavours, traditional techniques and recipes handed down through the generations. You’ll be breaking bread with the locals, seeing where the ingredients are sourced and even learning a classic dish or two. On an Exodus food & drink adventure you'll sample a range of regional dishes particular to an area. The itineraries will include visits to key sights but also give an insight into the flavour, history and culture of a region through its food. The food & drink trips will bring to life the region’s most famous but also less well-known dishes, and restaurants are selected for their locally renowned reputation.

You’ll not only eat well on one of our food & drink tours, you’ll also discover more about the culture and the customs of your destination. Visit the places where local delicacies are made and the food markets where they’re sold, and learn how to prepare dishes yourself as well as witness them being made from scratch. Our special wine-tasting food & drink trips have the same ethos, and you’ll go beyond simply sampling finished bottles. Walk or cycle through the vineyards themselves and meet the people who follow each wine on its journey, from grape to glass. All Exodus food & drink holidays not only put local produce centre stage, but the leader will be selected for their culinary knowledge and enthusiasm for food too – and they're also great at getting you talking to passionate locals as you go. Make friends along the way and get a real taste for adventure...

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Food Holidays

Sicily Food Adventure

28 reviews

Enjoy world famous Sicilian food while visiting the best heritage sites

Activity level:
Ages: 16+
8 Days from $3,145
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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Dordogne Self-Guided Activities

Combine three of our exciting holidays to experience the ultimate activity holiday in the Dordogne

Activity level:
Leisurely / Moderate
Ages: 8+
9 Days from $3,645
Self-Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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Highlights of our food & drink holidays

Restaurants: Every place we eat at is carefully planned, and you'll be taken to locally renowned restaurants to try a wide range of good-quality and authentic dishes. This will give a real flavour of a destination. 

Tastings and food markets: These opportunities can vary depending on the destination, but we visit food markets wherever we can to see how locals shop and to sample the fresh produce. We visit specialist stalls to try local delicacies and regional street food.

Cookery classes: There will be a minimum of two or three interactive cookery classes on each food & drink trip, so you can learn how to make local dishes. The Sicily Food Adventure includes a cookery class with a local chef, and encourages you to be adventurous with your taste buds.

“Sicily’s cuisine bursts with Mediterranean flavours – it has all the classic Italian ingredients but with exotic twists coming from the various civilisations, like Arabic, which have occupied the island over the years.”

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