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Patagonian Highlights - 6th November

Hi All,

I am booked on the Patagonian Highlights trip on 6th November. Is anyone out there booked on this trip too? If so, it would be great to hear from you... Any hints, tips or pre-travel chats would be much appreciated!


Hello Helen
We're with you on this trip which looks great. Just hope there is enough walking as there is also a lot of travelling to be covered.

Hi, my wife Francine and I are on the trip, we fly straight from London to BA so will meet up in Argentina. Getting excited now but no idea just what to pack. Presumably Buenos Aires will be warm but it's going to get a lot colder and windchill will be a problem. 15kg limit on bags on internal flights won't help.

Re luggage, I asked exodus about the internal flight allowance and was told that as we're booked on a group reservation the 20kg is ok, so no problems after all with the weight, just got to decide what to take!

Thanks for the lugguage update Cliff... This is a big relief for me too, as I was panicking!
I believe that 'layers' will be the answer to all our problems, as I am going down that route!!
Dorian... From the reviews I have read, the travelling between locations isn't too much of a hardship due to the spectacular views, so I think all will be well.
My main conundrum now is money... How much to take and when to exchange it!! I think I will get mostly US dollars and the a bit of Arg/Chilean peso to start me off when I get there. Any thoughts or suggestions??

Thanks, Helen

Yeah I don't think there's any point in taking anything other than dollars from the uk, change some into local currency at airport but the guide may be able to advise us on the best place to change cash when we meet up, airports certainly aren't the best place but it depends on how easy it is elsewhere. When we went to Peru a few years back most of the shopping was done in dollars anyway

Okay, thanks for that... I'll bear this in mind. I've not been to South America before (or on an organised tour with a group), so just hoping the guide will keep me on the straight and narrow!!
Looking forward to meeting you and Francine when I arrive. I am travelling from Gatwick with a transfer at Madrid, so hoping that others from the group will be on that flight too.
Thanks again! Helen

Just caught up with Cliff& Francine and Helen's posts. Kit and I are also flying direct with BA to BA if you get my meaning! I am having to face up to the high cost of US dollars now, taking some of these as cash but will mainly rely on ATMs when we reach BA. Chile may be more difficult as we don't cross border at a major town.
We are certainly packing layers and hope to have the right ones. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Gill and I arrived in BA on Sunday so are at the hotel already. Don't leave without us this morning!!!

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