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Nature First Travel Tips
Walking in Croatia

Nature First Travel Tips

Putting Nature First on your travels: tips for exploring the planet sustainably

We acknowledge that travel can have a negative impact on nature – through increasing carbon emissions and pollution and exploiting ecosystems. By identifying these areas, we are working hard to avoid and reduce these impacts. You can play a vital role during your adventures in reducing your carbon footprint and putting nature first wherever possible, giving back to nature more than you take. Here are some ways in which you can put nature first on your travels:


Avoid products and activities that degrade eco-systems

Refusing single use plastic items shows the provider that travellers no longer want items that are damaging to nature. 


Reduce activities and consumption of products that negatively impact the environment


Support biodiversity restoration and nature regeneration

Support Local

Support the generation of economic opportunities for local people

Alongside supporting biodiversity and ecosystem regeneration, we can have a positive impact on our travels by supporting local communities. Any time we choose a locally owned restaurant, hotel, or shop, or choose to visit a local marketplace or similar, not only are we getting a more authentic local experience, but we’re also providing employment opportunities and boosting the local economy. Another way to support and empower some of the communities you may meet across our destinations is through the work of the Exodus Travels Foundation.

P.S. We encourage you to feedback to your guide and through our customer feedback forms about ways in which your trip positively or negatively impacted people, places, and our planet. This will ensure we can deliver on our purpose of improving life through travel and our goal of becoming ‘nature positive’.

Try a trip that puts Nature First


Italian Apennines: Walks & Wildlife

Searching for wildlife, Apennines
6 Days from CAD 4,273
CAD 3,860

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Discover the flourishing Italian Apennines with Rewilding Europe

Walking & Trekking

Discover Costa Rica

Nature First Travel Tips
15 Days from CAD 6,270

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Join eagle-eyed guides for a wildlife-watching trip through mountains, rainforest and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts


Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana

Nature First Travel Tips
14 Days from CAD 5,888
CAD 5,415

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

A Safari through Botswana's best wildlife reserves and Victoria Falls