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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

99% of people we asked wanted to be rewarded sooner. So we have updated our loyalty program:

Now when you book your 2nd trip you will be entitled to 5% off, and this discount will continue through to your 3rd, 4th and 5th trips as well.

The BIG news is that now when booking your 6th trip you are entitled to 10% off and this continues for the rest of your time with us.  



When booking your next trip make sure you tell your specialist sales expert that you qualify for a loyalty discount, and how many times you’ve travelled with us.
Once you’ve booked your trip, we will inform you of all the extra benefits the club has to offer you via email - so be sure you provide us with one.

And that’s it. It really is that easy.

If you have any questions or queries please email: [email protected].

For terms and conditions please see below.

We truly value your loyalty, and look forward to welcoming you back on another Exodus holiday.


OVERVIEW of Terms & Conditions for the Exodus Loyalty Discounts:

1.    If you have traveled with Exodus once previously, you are entitled to 5% off your 2nd trip and any subsequent trips thereafter.
2.    If you have traveled with Exodus five times previously, you are entitled to 10% off your 6th trip and any subsequent trip thereafter.
3.    The discount can be applied to any person deemed to have traveled with Exodus previously.
4.    Any person claiming a loyalty discount will have to tell Exodus how many times they have traveled, and if pre 2008 will have to tell us which trip they traveled on and when  (unless Exodus are already aware of your 10% discount).
5.    This discount will be applied per passenger and not per booking, and can only be applied to the person who has traveled with Exodus previously.
6.    Application of your qualified discount will only be applied to the original costed invoice value of the tour.
7.    Application of your discount does not apply to or effect the deposit payment.
8.    The deposit payment as standard is 10% of the tour costs (minimum of $300 or equivalent); for Polar holidays the required deposit is 20% of your travel arrangements. 
9.    Your loyalty discount is shown as a line on your invoice and applied at final invoice stage.
10.   Loyalty discounts cannot be applied to any day walks or weekends.
11.   Loyalty discounts cannot be applied to pre-or post-tour hotel costs, insurance, trip extensions, flight supplements, single supplements, bike hire or local activity costs deemed as extra.
12.   Loyalty discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise stated; excluding the Exodus Refer a Friend discount where by the offers can be used together if the client so wishes.
13.   Exodus loyalty discounts are offered at the discretion of Exodus, and thus Exodus have the right to terminate discounts or to change the discount rules, regulations, conditions of participation levels, in whole or part, at any time, with or without notice, even though these changes may affect the value of the discount already accumulated.
14.  If travelling through an agent, the discount can still be applied, however Exodus are not liable for any extra costs or discounts incurred through your chosen agent.

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Call us on 1 800 267 3347