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Jamie Nield wanted to spend some quality time with his eight-year-old daughter Freya, so they took off on our Vietnam family holiday – Chopsticks & Coconuts – last year. 

Highlights of Vietnam

1. Hoi An

“This ancient port city is a treasure trove: every building offered something tantalising. The houses looked different from anything we’d seen: giant colonial Chinese style interiors, externally painted in terracotta and yellow.

At dusk, the sun turned the streets to gold, and at night we were bedazzled by many different coloured lanterns.”

2. Halong Bay

“The boat journey was filled with anticipation as the jagged peaks, topped with Jurassic vegetation, grew larger. It felt like a movie set where a few grazing dinosaurs wouldn’t look odd. The kids swam in the day and kayaked at night in gorgeous warm water. The service on the boat was fantastic too.”

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3. Mekong Delta Homestay

“The family was really welcoming and the kids got involved with cooking the evening meal. The property was humble but well presented with water tributaries feeding the garden crops. Fish would make their way up the trenches and the owners picked them out for our dinner – beats the supermarket!”

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4. The Food

Goi Cuon (summer rolls) in VietnamGoi Cuon (summer rolls) in Vietnam 

“The first time I tried bánh xèo, it blew my socks off – it encapsulated all the flavours of Asia in one pancake. The chef is lucky we didn’t kidnap him! Summer rolls are really good too, with delicious herbs and veg paired with either fish, pork or beef and glass noodles rolled up and eaten with dipping sauce.”

5. Our Guide

“He pulled out all the stops to make sure we were all happy. Nothing was too much for him and he worked tirelessly. He would sit all the kids together when we ate, take their orders, make personal notes about what each child liked and disliked, and fine-tune the orders for next time – such an asset to the trip.”

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