Exodus Tailor Made Consultant, Reanna Nyiro, recently returned from a truly magical trip through the highlights of Jordan. From spectacular desert landscapes dotted with larger-than-life rock formations to ancient archaeological wonders and bustling souks, it was a trip full of extraordinary contrasts. Read on to hear more about Reanna’s experience.

Petra, Jordan

 The amount of things a person can accomplish during a tour in Jordan is mind-blowing. Exploring the rose city Petra, experiencing Bedouin life at a desert camp in Wadi Rum, strolling the ancient streets of Jerash in search of treasures, 4-wheel drives into the remote desert, relaxing in the soothing waters of the Dead Sea – the list goes on forever! With so much to see and do, it’s hard to pick just one moment that stood out but watching Petra light up at night was such a special experience for me. We walked the entire Siq to the treasury and the whole way lit up by candles. Once there, we enjoyed the traditional music of Bedouin men playing instruments called the Rebab. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Petra by Night, Jordan

 Jordan may not have the reputation of being a foodie destination, but as a falafel-lover by nature, I was in heaven. Being a vegetarian in Jordan can seem a little daunting at first with so many meat dishes everywhere you go, but where you can find shawarma you can almost always find falafel! The country also relies pretty heavily on fresh veggies and beans, so I was well taken care of! Tabbouleh, hummus (another one of my favourites!), pitas, salads and labneh were all delicious options. When I needed something sweet, I couldn’t get enough halva! A soft, fudge-like candy made out of sesame paste, it really hits the spot if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Hummus and falafel

 This trip is perfect for culture & history enthusiasts. Everywhere you turn there’s thousands of years of history just sitting there! Having the chance to relax by both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea at the end of the week was the perfect way to say goodbye to our time in Jordan. If you’re looking for a nice sunny escape during the cold winter months at home, I highly recommend going for a float in the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea, Jordan

 Pro-tip: don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes with you! Though it’s only a level 2 trip, I was thankful for my shoes while walking around the different landscapes.

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