Egypt has long since enchanted travellers with its abundance of ancient archaeology, cultural diversity, and rich history. Whether it’s a tranquil coral-coloured sunset aboard a felucca on the mighty Nile, your first glimpse of the Great Pyramids, or getting lost in Luxor’s labyrinth souks, fascination is in no short supply here. But with our expert eye for authentic experience and our intent, always, to improve life through travel, Exodus trips to Egypt, invite travellers to delve deeper into the seldom-explored hidden treasures of Nubia.

 Uncover Nubia: How our travel preserves ancient cultures and traditions

Damned by the Dam

Despite being one the earliest civilisations of Ancient Africa, Nubia is an often-neglected history. Evidence of settlement in Nubia, an enormous expanse of land, hugging the Nile river from Aswan in Southern Egypt all the way to Khartoum in Central Sudan, can be traced back as far as 2000BC.

In the 1960s, the resurrection of the Aswan High Dam created a colossal reservoir, also known as Lake Nasser, and with it much of the ancient land of Lower Nubia was submerged under water. The consequence was the loss of priceless archaeology, invaluable cultural artefacts, and a cherished ancestral homeland for over 50,000 Nubian people. As Egyptian Nubians were forced to flee their homes, cultural fracture and mass displacement ensued, with many resettling in and around Aswan.

Rebuilding responsibly

Since then, measured tourism has played a vital role in the Nubian people’s ability to rebuild. Egypt with Exodus brings this history to life. A visit to the Nubia Museum in Aswan showcases more than 3,000 objects excavated from homes as part of UNESCOs International Campaign to Save the Monuments of Nubia, while, for many, an afternoon spent in the home of a Nubian native, sharing stories over fresh tea is an unforgettable one.

“Sharing knowledge of a critically endangered language really highlighted to me the power tourism can have”  – Emily Martin-Ball  |  visited Egypt with Exodus in November 2018

Uncover Nubia: How our travel preserves ancient cultures and traditions

During our visit to Gharb Sohail, a Nubian settlement that boasts both vibrant cultural heritage and striking natural beauty on the shores of the Nile, we spend an afternoon lunching with the locals and marvelling at the expert artistry. While our presence amongst the Nubian community crucially fosters meaningful cultural exchange and learning, it also, in a very tangible sense, offers a means of income and a route to rebuild for the Nubian people.

At Exodus Travels, we know that travel enriches our own lives, but we also firmly believe that our travel should enrich the lives of the people we meet along the way. And so, true to our vow to travelling sustainably, in Egypt, we’re proud that Exodus travellers continue to support local businesses and local people to help promote and preserve Nubian heritage. 

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