While we love the thrill of getting lost in a truly gripping travel book, we also can’t deny the immense satisfaction of binge-watching an inspiring travel series that gets us excited for when the world reopens again. TV travelogues have a huge role to play right now in these unprecedented times, as they help give us that much-needed escapism to idly fantasize about all the destinations we’re wanting to travel to when lockdown is over. So, again we turn to our Exodus travel experts and colleagues for their suggestions on what series you should put to the top of your watch list right now.

Leopard at night

Night on Earth

The British nature documentary series, “Night on Earth” effectively lifts the night’s veil to reveal the hidden lives of some of the world’s most interesting nocturnal creatures, from lions on the hunt to bats coming out of rock crevices. Using state of the art, low-light camera technology, Samira Wiley, who’s best known for her starring role in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, embarks on a six-part exploration of what exactly nature gets up to after the sun sets.

Seeing exotic wildlife drenched in a different kind of light, gives you a completely new and gripping visual experience to the normal animal documentaries you’d expect to see. Imagine watching a close up of a lion crossing flatland in the dead of night or even small clusters of ants climbing a seemingly mammoth sand dune – these moments feel all the more intense with a dramatic heat mapping filter on them. A great suggestion for avid animal lovers, our Publications Manager, Sonia Surguy, was keen to comment, “This series offers amazing footage of wildlife filmed at night. If you liked the Planet Earth series, this is a must watch.”

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Atacama Desert

The Motorcycle Diaries

Travel through some of South America’s most iconic sites and breathtaking scenery—from Buenos Aires and Santiago to the Atacama Desert and mysterious Nazca Lines—while watching “The Motorcycle Diaries.” This biographical movie tells the scenic story of an 8,000-mile motorcycle trip (as well as truck, raft, and on foot) by two men—none other than Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado. It was during this epic road trip that Guevara began to notice the large financial disparity between social classes and the poor conditions people were living in. Later, Guevara became an iconic revolutionary figure who helped Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution over 60 years ago.

“This film really takes in most of the hot spots in the region,” says Business Development Manager Tony Perdomo. “From gorgeous lakes to Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After seeing this movie, you’ll definitely not want to get on a motorbike and do this entire trip, but you will want to take one of our tours to see these magnificent places.”

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 Expedition Happiness

Expedition Happiness           

Buckle up for an epic road trip from Alaska to Mexico with German filmmaker Felix Starck and his singer-songwriter girlfriend Selima Taibi on “Expedition Happiness.” Travelers at heart, the couple began feeling bored and stifled in Berlin and were longing for an adventure. So, without even having a plan, they gave notice to their landlord, began researching transportation options, found an old American school bus for sale online, and decided to turn it into a loft on wheels.

Starck and Taibi traveled to the United States, began fixing up their new home, and soon set off on the adventure of a lifetime with their dog, Rudi. From elk and grizzlies in British Columbia, to the barren landscape of California’s Death Valley and beautiful sea turtles in Mexico, climb aboard for a truly unique journey!

“This is basically what I want my life to be,” says Sales Consultant Reanna Nyiro. “If I won the lotto, first thing I would do is buy a jacked up RV and take off on an epic road trip!”

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 Planet Earth

BBC Planet Earth Series        

Filmed over four years across 64 different countries, “Planet Earth” reveals the spectacular diversity of our natural world. It was also the first documentary of its kind to be filmed in high definition and offers a stunning look into the world’s most wild and breathtaking destinations — from oceans and forests to deserts and plains — and all the unique species that inhabit its varied landscapes. Watch polar bears in the Arctic, penguins in Antarctica, lions in the Great Plains, and the unusual creatures of the deep sea.

Narrated by the wonderfully calming and intelligent voice of David Attenborough, you’ll not only learn about our fascinating planet but also about the importance of taking care of it. Recommended by Business Development Manager Kent Phillips, he adds, “It’s great learning for all of us and helps us teach our children the importance of protecting the environment and all that lives within it.”

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Kindness Diaries

If you have ever wondered if there are genuinely kind people in the world, look no further than the “Kindness Diaries.” This documentary series is about a former broker, Leon Logothetis, who travels the world relying on help from others. He travels with no money or resources and has to simply rely on the kindness of strangers for literally everything — accommodations, food, transportation, and anything else he might need throughout his journey.

Travel along with Leon as he embarks on a mission of kindness from Los Angeles. From there, he travels to cities across the United States before boarding a container ship bound for Africa. He then makes his way to Europe and Asia before heading back to North America and changing myriad lives along the way.

“I like this travel documentary series, because at the end of the shows he rewards people that have helped him,” says Business Development Manager Wendy Mills. “It’s a great feel-good show, and it reminds us to be kind to others!”


Travels with My Father

Comedian Jack Whitehall heads out on the budget gap year of his dreams that he missed out on after school, but instead of hitting the road with his friends, he brings along his father, Michael, who is in his 70s. While Jack wants to make this a truly authentic gap year with stays at local hostels, Michael prefers luxurious accommodations with stunning views and gourmet cuisine. Their travel styles also differ as Jack wants raw, real experiences, and Michael prefers more sophisticated activities. Their two very different personalities and tastes clash for an entertaining travelogue series.

“The banter between Jack Whitehall and his father is hilarious,” says Nicole Anderson, our Communications & Design Specialist. “It’s entertaining to see two very different perspectives on the same vacation as the pair bond together during their travels. With every destination comes new cultural experiences, some very unique.”

In the first season of “Travels with my Father,” the dynamic duo travels through Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia; season two takes them on a road trip through Eastern Europe, with stops in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey; and a much shorter season three follows them through their adventures in the American southwest.

Caitlin Overend, our Acquisition Marketing Manager, also recommends the series, adding “It’s funny and heartwarming to watch their relationship grow, and makes you want to head out on your own international road trip.”

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