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Whether you’re a social butterfly who enjoys nothing more than attempting broken conversation with the locals, or more of a wallflower who’s happiest watching the world go by in an exotic city, the thought of ‘going it alone’ on the other side of the world can be pretty scary.

Solo Travel Tips

Travelling solo can be one of life’s most rewarding and liberating experiences, but it can potentially be terrifying too. The pre-departure anticipation is often mixed with a sense of anxiety about the unknown.

Joining an organised tour helps to combat many of these common travel fears. Our group tours give you the unique opportunity to indulge your own interests, without the hassle of planning, and you’re guaranteed to meet lots of like-minded new people!

Top Tips for Solo TravellersSolo traveller overlooking the coast

In 2017 40% of Exodus customers were travelling alone – and with good reason. Going on a solo adventure will transform your self-confidence and reignite your passion for the world around you. If you’re a solo voyager who’s thinking of joining a group tour, we have some expert advice to help you make the most of your first ‘go it alone’ experience.

Here are our top tips for travelling solo in style:

1) Ask one of our sales consultants to tell you the group demographics on different departures.
That way you can choose a group with more solo travellers. But remember that people travelling in couples or as friends are just as likely to want to meet new people as those travelling by themselves.

2) Don’t necessarily jump for the single supplement.
The thought of having your own en suite is pretty tempting, but sharing with another traveller will help you get to know people. And you’re less likely to sleep through two alarms in the morning!

3) Be open. Talk about yourself and ask other people questions about themselves.
It can be daunting joining a group of people, but organised tours provide the perfect opportunity to get to know new people in a comfortable setting. You’ll eat, drink and take part in lots of activities together. You’ve chosen to come on the same trip so you’re bound to have at least one thing in common! Who knows, you might even come home with some friends for life.


Be Open. You will meet new people!Group of solo travellers

4) Get social. Write a post on our Facebook page or Departure Lounge Travel Forum.
You may be able to reach some of the people on your trip before you depart. It’s an easy way to break the ice and you’ll already know a few friendly faces on day 1.

5) Learn the lingo.
Learn a few key phrases in the local language before you go. If you are sitting alone in a restaurant it goes a long way to be able to communicate a little with the locals, and it’s much easier to understand the menu! Keep a few handy phrases on your phone or in a notebook.


6) Buy the first round in at the bar. 
Did anyone ever have a bad word to say about the person that bought the first round of drinks? We think not. 


Buy the First RoundCocktails anyone?

7) Bring a deck of cards.
It’s an age-old tip, but most people will be up for a game of cards. You can also teach others how to play, and you might even learn a new game or two yourself. It’s a perfect way to help you bond with other travellers.

8) Bring something to share.
Take travel sweets or anything edible and tasty that you can offer out to your group on long journeys.


9) Carry a good book.
A ‘can’t put it down’ novel is a great companion for any journey and for filling a quiet evening. But try not to get used to reading books or looking at your phone whilst in the company of others. It’s easy to use it as a blanket to avoid any eye contact, but it will make it much more difficult for others to talk to you.

10) Eating alone really isn’t that bad
But if you’re concerned about the evenings, ask your tour leader, they’ll be happy to advise whether most people eat together at group meals or if people do their own thing. If it’s the latter, this is the perfect chance for you to self-indulge! Discover a cosy candlelit restaurant, eat your body weight in olives, order a huge paella for yourself and get acquainted with the local tipple.

Don't Be Afraid of Eating Alone!Paella

If you’d like to take the plunge, take a look at our trips for solo travellers below.