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Every year, over a thousand tons of ice, lovingly shaped by the world’s finest ice artists come together to form the magnificent, original ICEHOTEL in Sweden. This is a hotel so cool, it’s sub-zero.

Frosty Flower Suite in the ICEHOTEL SwedenFrosty Flower Suite in the ICEHOTEL Sweden 

About the ICEHOTEL

“When we drew close to the hotel, I just loved how pristine it looked. It was a surreal sight, straight out of a fairytale!” says Paolo Bonato, Exodus product manager. It’s little surprise that the ICEHOTEL looks as good as new upon arrival. The hotel is re-imagined and re-built every winter, taking on a totally different appearance and design from previous seasons.

Artists travel from across the globe to compete for the honour of seeing their design realised in thousands of tons of ice and “snice” –  a snow and ice blend. All the building materials are sourced locally, from the icy depths of the Torne River.

Come spring, this magical hotel melts away to nothing. The snow and ice that crafted this unique, ephemeral building returns to the river as though the ICEHOTEL had never even existed.




Inside the hotel everything is whittled away from blocks of ice to create a gallery of sculptures and ornate chandeliers. Ice and snow forms every structure in the building. Even the beds are formed from blocks of ice.

As Paolo Bonato observes, “I stayed in an ice room, on a bed made of ice, at a constant minus five degrees. I was given some serious winter overall gear and boots to wear throughout (but don’t forget your thermal underwear!) The sleeping bags on top of the reindeer skins are really great. You don’t feel the cold at all!”


Even if it’s minus 20 outside, inside the hotel bar the welcome is as warm as the snug Arctic gear you’re given to ward off the chill.

Cocktails are served up in carefully carved ice glasses, and the walls glimmer with tiny rainbows of reflected colour.

Hushed voices murmur throughout the bar. The corners echo with people whispering about the Northern Lights… If you’re lucky, the skies may dance for you too.

Loganberry juice in an ice glassLoganberry juice in an ice glass

“It was one of the most incredible night’s stays I’ve ever had,” Paolo assures us, reflecting on his stay at the hotel. It is certainly one night’s stay that’s guaranteed to make lasting memories. Just remember to capture every fleeting, frozen moment here whilst you can – the ICEHOTEL won’t be here for long… until next year!