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The jungle is never still. It shivers with a cacophony of creatures clambering through the branches; all around is alive with chattering cicadas, chirruping toucans and barking Howler monkeys.

Howler monkeyHowler monkey

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

At Esquinas Rainforest Lodge you can sit back, relax and let this surreal soundscape wash over you. Miles of winding trails begin just outside the front door, disappearing into the primal dark of Piedras Blancas National Park’s jungle.

Here you’ll find a world of sleepy sloths, elusive snakes and innumerable tree-dwelling frogs.

Wildlife of Costa Rica

Joined by local guides on our Costa Rica wildlife holidays, you’ll wander the steamy corridors of the jungle in search of wildlife and the best vantage points into the forest.

We venture out both by day and by night to see the full variety of life the forest has to over. By night you’ll discover the nocturnal creatures in the forest, from bats and owls to frogs and spiders.

Return to the lodge, and waiting for you under high, woven ceilings will be cooling cocktails, terracotta patios with wicker chairs to sink into, and gigantic palm fronds framing views out over the lush greenery.

Crucially, a visit to this eco-paradise comes guilt-free. The award-winning lodge is 100% carbon neutral, and one of the forerunners in the sustainable tourism ethos that pervades Costa Rica.

The guides who lead you through the rainforest are local people, and the lodge provides income and jobs to the area. In short, everybody wins.

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