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The best adventures can’t be replicated. These are the trips that leave lifelong memories etched in the mind. In this modern age of global tourism, once in a lifetime travel holidays can be hard to come by.

Fortunately, we have spent the past forty years crafting and fine-tuning these one-off adventures. Here are a few of our favourite once in a lifetime experiences for you to ponder…

Bucket List Experiences

Feel the Festival Fever in Bhutan

Once in a Lifetime HolidaysMountaintop monastery in Bhutan

Every year, the remote monasteries in Bhutan play host to some of the most vivid traditional festivals in the world. High on the slopes, revellers don elaborate, colourful costumes and perform ceremonial dances and acts of worship.

These celebrations, with their deep-rooted traditions, take place amidst a backdrop of towering mountain peaks, swift rivers and verdant forests, all combining to make Bhutan a singularly beautiful place.

Plan your trip: Festivals of Bhutan

Embark on a South American Adventure

South America

Sunset in South America

From the shimmering open expanses of the Bolivian salt flats, the scale of which defies comprehension, to the thunderous roar of the plummeting Iguassu Falls, South America is a continent with unfathomable wonders just waiting to be discovered.

Starting in Buenos Aires, this trip takes you from the east coast to the west, passing through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile along the way.

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Follow the Fabled Inca Trail

Inca trailInca Trail

One of the greatest treks on the planet, the Inca Trail winds through lush jungle, high cloud forests and countless ancient Inca ruins, culminating in the mysterious settlement of Machu Picchu.

The trip is geared to towards spending as much time as possible at the legendary site, including a dawn tour; sunrise breaking over the crumbling yet dignified ruins is truly unforgettable. Very few are lucky enough to ever see the lost city in person – you can be one of them.

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Trek to the Roof of Africa

Once in a Lifetime HolidaysTrekking Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro really is the challenge of a lifetime. The mountain has become something of a holy grail for aspiring climbers; it’s one of the most rewarding and yet achievable missions you can set yourself.

The views are indescribable, the people welcoming, the culture fascinating and the climb itself is accessible, while still requiring you to give your all.

The sense of elation when you reach the summit is impossible to recreate.

Plan your Kilimanjaro trekking holiday

Cycle the Empire of Genghis Khan

By the year 1279, the Mongol Empire spanned most of Europe and Asia. You might not get to cycle the whole thing on this trip, which focuses on the birthplace and home of Genghis Khan, the sweeping grasslands and low hills of Mongolia.

You will, however, camp beneath the sky on the open steppe, stay in traditional Mongolian gers, and glide on two wheels through the land that spawned one of the largest empires in the history of the planet.

Plan your once in a lifetime holiday to Mongolia.

Discover Darwin’s Enchanted Isles

Once in a Lifetime Holidays

Galapagos Lizard

Visitors to the Galapagos Islands will bear witness to the same mind-bending diversity of wildlife that helped plant the seeds of Darwin’s game-changing theory of evolution.

Exotic birds and reptiles abound amongst the sapphire waters, sandy beaches and unusual plant-life. Due to the lack of natural predators and minimal human interference, animals in the Galapagos are known to be remarkably unafraid of visitors, making wildlife-spotting here a supremely intimate activity.

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Journey to the End of the Earth

Once in a Lifetime HolidaysPenguin colony in Antarctica

The Earth’s southernmost continent is also its most remote, inhospitable and serenely beautiful. The enormous ice floes, colossal mountains and rumbling glaciers form a truly majestic icy landscape, in which only the toughest, best adapted animals survive.

Penguins and seals are the rulers of this isolated kingdom, along with gargantuan whales and hardy seabirds. Wildlife watching here is an experience utterly unlike any other.

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Go Crater Crazy in Tanzania

Finding a holiday that’s suited to the whole family can be difficult.

This trip to Tanzania, though, has something for everyone. From safaris in the Ngorongoro Crater, where lions, giraffes and elephants roam, to a walk on the great Mount Kilimanjaro and time exploring the archipelago of Zanzibar, there is an unforgettable adventure around every corner in this incredible land of vast open plains.

Plan your once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania.

Taj, Tigers & Temples

India’s rich culture, alluring wildlife and gracefully curving architecture are all part of the great country’s irresistible charm. The white marble mausoleum that is the Taj Mahal stands tall over Agra, and hushed temples are ubiquitous.

Tigers stalk around the undergrowth in Ranthambore National Park, alongside chattering monkeys and a dramatic rainbow of colourful birds.

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