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From al fresco spas to barge voyages, serene temples to ancient wonders – take a journey by bike. It’s often the time off the saddle that lingers longest in the memory. The best reward after a long day’s ride? Has to be one of our cycle trips with rest and relaxation built in.

“Personally I can never get enough of riding my bike. There’s no better antidote to an office-based job than logging some overseas miles,” says Exodus Head of Product, Andy Ross. “That said, a cycling holiday should still be a holiday, so it’s equally important that you make the most of some downtime out of the saddle too.” 

Cycling Holiday Activities


Sleep in Vietnam’s bay of dreams

Top 5 Things to do on a Cycling HolidayExploring Halong Bay

It’s otherworldly and ethereal – and the only way to experience Halong Bay is to park up your bike and take a cruise around its forest-topped, sheer-sided islands. It’s a suitably soporific reward after a week spent cycling from Saigon in the south.

And it’s a cruise that will revive and recharge your spirits – as will your kayak expedition into the bay’s hidden nooks and anchorages before spending a night aboard your boat.

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Get out of the saddle and enjoy a 2-hour float down Costa Rica’s lulling Tenorio River. This spot is a haven for birds and wildlife. You can also catch a glimpse of monkeys, iguanas, coatis.

Let go of the handlebars and enjoy the ride as our experienced guides take the oars and point out crocodiles basking on the banks along the lower stretches of the river. This is definitely a wildlife highlight of the trip.

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Moroccan massage hits the spot! Cycling in the foothills of Morocco’s fabled Atlas Mountains is its own reward – it’s a magnificent experience. But give your tired muscles a treat, and submit them to the tough love of a traditional hammam.

Steamy relaxation suites offer the ultimate top-to-toe MOT, perfected over many centuries. Sit, soak, let your masseur soothe your saddle-sore body, and emerge ready to cycle another day!

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Recharging in Reykjavik

Forget your hot tubs and Jacuzzis. For sheer bliss, few things in life come close to a dip in Iceland’s geothermal pools. And after a day’s cycle in this elemental land, it’s the perfect prescription for saddle-weary muscles.

The thermal pools at Laugardalur, Reykjavik’s spic-and-span bathing facility, pump water directly from the crust of the Earth, into a series of increasingly hotter tubs. Instant relaxation guaranteed.

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Gastronomy in the heart of France

Cheese and WineCheese and wine in France

If France is a magnet for food lovers, then surely the Dordogne is the main course. Eating (and drinking) in this rural, farm-studded region is all about terroir – that authentic sense of place you only get from passionate local producers.

And you can sample the best of it at day’s end: the rich, earthy flavours of the Dordogne showcased in the region’s bistros, farmer’s markets and vineyards. This self-guided tour takes in gastronomic hot spots such as Les Eyzies – try the ‘canard confits’ – sautéed duck on a warm salad, drizzled with walnut oil. Delicious.

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