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To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, and this year’s theme of Be Bold For Change, we organised something extra special.

Earlier today, we hosted our very own International Women’s Day panel discussion with some seriously bold and inspirational women. We covered some of the most important topics for women who travel and what it’s like for women who work in travel – how to achieve your goals, what challenges you have to overcome and, of course, how travel has changed how you see the world. 

International Women’s Day Panellists

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change” and we were thrilled to be chatting with three women who embody that boldness. 

Bonita Norris – Youngest person to conquer Everest

Bonita is an inspirational figure for young travellers. She is the youngest person ever to have reached the extreme points of the Earth, the summit of Mt Everest and the North Pole. She has climbed three of the world’s fourteen 8000m peaks and guides teams on peaks such as Kilimanjaro. She is currently writing her first book on the lessons she’s learnt on how to survive in the highest places on the planet.

Natalia Cohen – Record-breaking rower

International Women’s Day Be Bold for ChangeNatalia Cohen 

Natalia was part of the first-ever women’s team to row the Pacific Ocean, crossing the waves from America to Australia – a distance of 8,446 miles and took 9 months. The Coxless Crew were also the first-ever fours boat to row the Ocean, thus smashing two new world records. Oh, and did we mention they raised £65,000 for women’s charities too?

Alice Nettleingham – Inspiring travel blogger

International Women’s Day Be Bold for ChangeAlice of TeacakeTravels on the Mongol Rally 

TeacakeTravels is leading the way for solo female travel bloggers, and the driving force behind it is Alice. She’ll be on our panel sharing her own experiences on her adventures, whether that’s conquering the Mongol Rally, bikepacking around Vietnam or discovering Bangladesh under her own steam.

Megan Devenish – Spearhead of the Exodus Women campaign

Megan DevenishMegan 

Megan lived and worked on every continent before she joined Exodus and became our Responsible Tourism Manager. She believes tourism can – and should – be as beneficial for the local community as it is for the visitor, and is determined to ensure the Exodus Women campaign increases employment opportunities for women in tourism worldwide.

Bold Women at Exodus

Meet Valerie, one of Exodus’ most experienced and beloved leaders. She’s been trekking the Himalaya since her teens and is one of our most popular leaders.

valerie ParkinsonValerie Parkinson

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