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By travelling the globe, children not only see new horizons but broaden their own horizons too. As they meet new people, learn new things and explore new places, they’re gaining invaluable cultural experiences that simply can’t be taught in a classroom.

Our family adventure holidays are created to inspire children. Passionate, knowledgeable guides share in our belief that holidays should be more than just lying on a beach. But which moments make the cut? Here are just a few of those unmissable memories that bring a family together as shared by our customers.

Italy Adventure Holidays

Children making pizza in ItalyChildren making pizza in Italy

Pizza-making fun

At the hotel Due Torri on the Amalfi Coast, the Acampora family put heart, soul and home-grown ingredients into the pizzas they’ve been serving to Exodus guests for 15 years. “The pizza-making was brilliant and the kids even joined the chef and learned to our dinner one night!” says customer Jonathan Taylor.

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Adventure Holidays in Mexico

Colourful Mexican marketColourful Mexican market

Uncover an ancient civilisation

From the secrets of the Mayans to incredible landscapes and vibrant local culture, this is a truly immersive adventure. “In the Mayan temples of Uxmal we making learning about Mayan culture fun on a scavenger hunt,” says Product Manager Sarah Ahern.

Adventure Holidays in Peru 

Overlooking the Inca TrailOverlooking the Inca Trail

Tread Incan footsteps

“The Inca Trail is stunningly beautiful, with incredible wildflowers and birdsong,” says Exodus traveller Chantal Sargent. This trip takes you from the ancient iconic walk into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. “Seeing two jaguars on the riverbank of the Tambopata river as the sun set, was an absolute privilege.”

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Adventure Holidays in Costa Rica 

Sloth in the Costa Rican jungleSloth in the Costa Rican jungle

Creatures and conservation

The big appeal for children is that Costa Rica’s extraordinary biodiversity means there’s always something to see. Learn all about Costa Rica’s most lovable residents at the Sloth Sanctuary, but for customer, Tim Newham, the most inspirational moment was “Seeing our first sloth in the wild!”

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Adventure Tours in Morocco 

Camel in the Sahara DesertCamel in the Sahara Desert

Bedouin camping 

“My daughter loved the camel riding in the Sahara Desert. Wrapped in Sahara scarves, she felt like a real adventurer!” says Samantha Hall, whose family fell in love with Morocco on their recent trip. “My son’s highlight was the walk to the mountain village. For me, it was seeing my children marvelling at palm trees and delighting at the snow-covered High Atlas Mountains and sipping tea with locals.”

Adventure Holidays to Namibia 

Family holiday in NambiaFamily holiday in Nambia

Discover ancient art

An adventure holiday in Namibia will set young imaginations on fire. Exodus customer John Flatley said, “Seeing animals in their natural habitat was special, and it was amazing to learn about Namibia and its ancient and more recent history.”

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Adventure Tours in Southeast Asia

Accommodation in VietnamAccommodation in Vietnam

Making new friends in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

In the lush area of the Mekong Delta, we stay with a local family in a traditional home in Ut Trinh. There’s an organic garden, and guests can pick their own food and help with dinner. “Our three sons said that this was the best holiday they ever had. We learnt so much,” says customer Martina Murphy.

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Adventure Tours in Japan

Japanese geishaJapanese geisha

Samurai swordplay

In Japan, cutting-edge tech and futuristic urban design co-exist with ancient customs and timeless character. “We tried wonderful activities from Japanese cookery lessons, drumming, Samurai sword handling and even learned calligraphy,” says Exodus customer Sarah Bailey. “We enjoyed ‘getting under the skin’ of the country.”

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China Tours

Practising kung fu in LuoyangPractising kung fu in Luoyang

Kung-fu fun

“On a trip to the park we saw young and old engage in dancing, tai chi, outdoor gym and mah-jong – and we were even invited to join in!” says customer Juliet Osborne. “We loved sampling local food in the night market in the Muslim quarter in Xi’an. But best of all was a lesson from a kung fu master in Luoyang!”

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