The Baltic States are made up of three sovereign states in Northern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Commonly referred to as ‘The Baltics’, the three countries offer an idyllic experience which is often overlooked by the typical tourist. In response to this travesty, Exodus Travel Expert Robert Townsend put together a list of five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Baltics.


Aerial view of Tallin, Estonia


1. Fascinating cities


The three capital cities of the Baltics are each uniquely fascinating and enchantingly distinct from one another. You might be struck by the art nouveau architecture of Latvia’s capital, Riga. Or perhaps the medieval beauty of Tallinn attracts you to Estonia. Meanwhile, Lithuania offers the opportunity to discover the Bohemian districts found throughout Vilnius. Each city has its own unique sense of identity and charm which will attract travelers from any walk of life.


Kadriorg Palace, Estonia


2. A rich history


The storied history of the Baltics is often overlooked. Modern historians will find themselves drawn towards the region’s influences from their occupation by the Soviet Union. Lasting forty-six years, the Baltics’ only renegotiated their independence as recently as 1991! However, don’t let this overshadow the stunning castles and palaces that tell their own stories, such as Kadriorg Palace, built by Peter the Great for his wife, the enigmatic Catherine I.


Bicycle beside the sea surrounded by trees


3. Getting around is easy


It’s quite straightforward to enjoy all three of these vibrant countries during a single trip, especially since each of the capitals are within a 4-hour drive from each other. Of course, you could also explore the three countries with Exodus Travels, such as enjoying a group cycling tour.


Estonian pastries


4. Delicious Food 


Each country boasts its own delicious dishes, such as a traditional Lithuanian dish known as Koldūnai. These are a scrumptious form of dumplings, typically filled with minced beef, pork, chicken or cheese curds, definitely a must-have. If you prefer something sweet, rhubarb is a specialty in the Baltic region. Chefs are known to make the vegetable into incredible pies, cakes and soufflés. It goes without saying that there are many Baltic dishes to be discovered as well.


Waterfall in Estonia


5. Nature on your doorstep


Escaping the cities is easy. As much as 40% of the Baltics are covered with lush green forest, meaning it’s quick and simple to step into nature. If you choose to go in Autumn, you can expect to see some spectacular colours as the forests make their beauty known. If you want to make use of the unspoilt beaches of The Baltics, they are the perfect place to be if you want to step out and enjoy some time by the Baltic Sea.

Cycle the Baltics

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