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What happens when one Irishman takes on the Inca Trail – as a porter?!

In 2016, Jarlath McHale took on Peru’s most famous trek, the Inca Trail. In 2017, he went back to complete the same four-day route – but this time as one of the porters who so inspired him first time around.

Porters on the Inca Trail

The porters are the backbone of the Inca Trail, the local men who are employed to ensure the trekkers’ luggage makes it to camp every day. Without them, many of the tourists who undertake the trail every year, wouldn’t make it.

Jarlath and the portersPorters on the Inca Trail

“What the porters do is just phenomenal, and I was absolutely blown away by it when I walked the Inca trail.” Says Jarlath. “So by doing this I just wanted to highlight it and show it to the world, what actually goes on behind the scenes to make these trips happen.”

But when Jarlath joins their ranks, will he be able to hack it?

We were able to give Jarlath the chance he wanted – to live as a porter for the duration of the trek. On one condition: we could film him as he does it.

Here’s our documentary – as featured on Lonely Planet.


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