Jordan has long charmed travellers with the stunning ancient city of Petra, but its impressive deep red desert landscapes have also created life-long memories for many. Venture to UNESCO-listed Wadi Rum for an unforgettable adventure, characterised by the warm hospitality of the Bedouin who have made this vast red desert their home for hundreds of years. Exodus invites travellers to explore this fabulous scenery and get a glimpse of the traditional Bedouin life through the eyes of a local family.

Camping with a Bedouin family

Our private camp is operated by Salah and his family who share the responsibilities of camp maintenance and preparing food for the guests, to create a truly authentic experience. Share traditions with a welcoming Bedouin tea and freshly cooked flat bread with olive oil and zaatar – a combination of wild fresh thyme and sesame seeds. If you’re a coffee aficionado, then see how it’s made the Bedouin way.

As sunset draws to a close, Salah and his family dig up a truly traditional meal called Zarb. Cooked underground as tradition, Zarb is a combination of slow roasted meats and vegetables served with rice. Make sure you are there for the digging up process and  unveiling of this local dish, as it really is a photo worthy moment! Vegetarians; don’t worry the meat is cooked separately so everyone can enjoy this delicious traditional recipe. The evening continues around a campfire with our Bedouin friends sharing stories about their culture while one of Salah’s cousins plays the ‘Rababa’, one of the oldest string instruments (if not the oldest) in the world.

Camping with a Bedouin family

When we asked Salah, what is important to the Bedouin way of life, his simple but moving answer was:

‘peace, a warm welcome for everyone and to always be connected to nature.’

This connection to the natural world means sustainability is important to the Bedouin way of life, and Salah and his family are very proactive in their approach to this at our Exodus private camp. Guests can enjoy their tea and coffee in glass cups and meals on reusable plates. As on the tour bus there are large water containers at the camp from which you can refill your bottles in order to reduce dependency on single-use plastics.  So, not only does your stay in Wadi Rum present an enchanting experience, but also a responsible one.

Camping with a Bedouin family

At Exodus Travels, we know that travel enriches our own lives, but we also firmly believe that our travel should enrich the lives of the people we meet along the way. And so, true to our vow to travelling sustainably, in Jordan, we’re proud that Exodus travellers continue to support local businesses and local people to help promote and preserve the Bedouin way of life.

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