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Puffins and hot springs and sun, oh my! There’s no wrong time to visit Iceland, but there’s just something magical about being able to watch the sunset at 12 am and then rise just 3 hours later.

And with the warm weather comes infinite opportunities for hiking, swimming, and practising photography without having to worry about your fingers freezing.

If you’re still struggling to figure out which time of year is the best time for you to make a trip over to the Land of the Midnight Sun (we understand, it’s a tough decision!) then we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of reasons why summer is the best time to visit Iceland.

Summer Trips to Iceland

 Lavender fields in Iceland

24 Hours of Sunlight… Almost

They don’t call it the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing! During the summer months, the days are much longer, meaning you’ve got more time to do the activities you want to do.

Take your time on hiking trails, spend a bit longer out on the water, visit more waterfalls in one day – whatever your heart desires! There’s no need to rush to make sure you make it back to the hotel before sunset, since there’s nearly 24 hours of sunlight.

When the sun finally does set in Iceland, you’re in for a real treat with one of the most spectacular nature shows on earth. Time seems to stand still for a moment as the sky appears to be both a sunset and sunrise all at the same time.

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Puffins in Iceland

Whale & Puffin Watching

It wouldn’t be a trip to Iceland without heading to the coast in search of the country’s more adorable residents. An impressive 60% of the world’s puffin population lives in and around Iceland.

Most of their lives are spent out at sea, but in the spring and summer they return to land to form breeding colonies. They tend to prefer the steep cliffs of the Westfjords which make for a spectacular backdrop.

Plus, the puffins here are pretty tame and will more than likely pose for a photo or two.

While you’re on the coast, be sure to hop on a boat for a whale watching tour. During the summer months, there are quite a few species of whales that make their way through the waters surrounding Iceland.

Keep your eyes on the ocean and you might just spot Orca, Minke, Humpback, or if you’re lucky, a Blue Whale!

Iceland road trip

Go Further in the Summer

As you can imagine, winter in Iceland can get a little intense. Due to cold temperatures and lots of snow creating treacherous driving conditions, the interior roads are closed throughout winter in Iceland and only reopen in the summer.

You can still get around the country in the winter, but if you really want to explore deeper, you’ll need to wait until the weather warms up and the roads open back up.

Drive along magical mountain roads and through the incredible landscapes of the highlands. With longer days, you get the added bonus of not having to worry about driving in the dark.

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Thermal pool

Geothermal Swimming Pools, Anyone?

Being a land made up almost entirely of both active and inactive volcanoes, Iceland has a whole lot of geothermal energy at its disposal. From hot springs to swimming pools, there’s no shortage of spots to take a dip in the water.

Did you know Icelanders take their swimming pools very seriously? Here, a town isn’t a town unless they’ve got a pool for locals to jump into after a long day at work.

If you truly want to experience the country like a local, you’ve got to visit at least one public pool, but who wants to take a lap when the air outside is cold enough to freeze your hair?! Point one: Summer.

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Summer scenery in Iceland

Green Fields and Rainbow Flowers

With warmer temperatures comes colourful fields of wildflowers and impossibly green valleys you’ll have to see to believe. The island nation dotted with volcanic peaks truly comes to life in the summer months and makes hiking through the wilderness that much more enjoyable.

Throughout your journey, be sure to keep an ear out for tales of elves and trolls and Norse gods who are said to have created the very landscapes you’re trekking. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right into a fairytale, and we wouldn’t blame you if you started to believe it.

Be sure to pack your camera – with colours like these, it’s impossible to take a bad photo!

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