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Education Catch-up
Education Cath-up Zambia

Education Catch-up

Providing education workshops for schoolchildren in Zambia


Since the global pandemic began, many schools around the world have faced closures in order to decrease infection rates across communities. Remote learning and home-schooling are viable options for some, but in Zambia, poorer students have been left unable to access online learning facilities during school closures which have led them to fall behind in their studies.

Exodus Tour Leader, Andy McKee, has been supporting Zambian communities for a long time through Baraka, an NGO he set up. Baraka provided essential emergency relief to rural and suburban communities in Zambia when the outbreak of COVID-19 started and are looking to help poorer children have access to education and catch-up in order progress further through Weekend Student Workshops. Through the Community Kickstart Project, we’re helping to fund educational catch-up workshops for 75 sponsored Baraka students over a 5-week period, taking place in the Jewel School in Lusaka, Zambia.

With the Head Teacher (who works for Baraka), local teachers and children trained in COVID-19 safety measures, the trial session was a resounding success with the local District Education Board, allowing the educational catch-up workshops to officially start last November.

Andy McKee explains, “With the shutdown of Zambian schools, the poorer children were unable to access any remote learning and have been left behind. These weekend workshops that Exodus have funded will ensure we can help vulnerable and underprivileged children to have a better chance of passing their exams during these unprecedented times.” These workshops will not only help children to catch-up on their studies but can also help to better prepare them for the future in a post-COVID world.


A donation of just $30 pays helps to pay for 10 school children to attend a student workshop.