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TYX - Kilimanjaro & Safari 11th October - any other fools booked?

Hi guys, has anyone else booked on this trip? We are Lesley & Andy Teall, booked and now starting to worry that its only 3 months to go, aaahhhh!!!!

We are trying to get fit walking in Snowdonia, the weekends are going so quickly!


Yep I have booked it a while back and been training in the gym. Unfortunately dont know how body is going to react for altitude when you get there. Fingers crossed! Looks like the trip is fully booked, only 2 spaces left now


John Lomas

Hiya Andy, thanks for the advise on the base camp trip. I have pretty much got all my gear now, just need the odd bits. I was thinking of getting a down jacket from Shone's mountaineering shop in Thamel, Kathmandu. Have you been in the shop before,  If so whats it like?


Hi Sutha, good luck with the gym training! Looking forward to meeting you in October.

I don't think that its possible to train for altitude, and it can hit different people, whether fit or unfit. All that can be guaranteed is that the air will be much thinner (equivalent of using 1 lung), therefore it will be much harder work climbing, and the fitter we are, the less hard it will be! If altitude sickness hits big time, the choices are to put up with it if it is mild, or head downhill quickly!!

Yep, I am not the fittest bloke in the planet. I did Inca Trail last year and managed it. This is going to be much harder. The highest point 4250m or something like that. Keep fingers crossed!!


Hi there !

I'm Ivett and I am coming along with 2 friends of mine : Jon and Corina.  We have never done anything like this before . How fit are you guys ? We are generally ok ( can run 10 if needed )  but never done anyhting like this before.  Do you guys have any tips ?  Anyone heard of the tablets that apparently stops you having altitude sickness ? Is it for real ?



Looking forward to meeting you all in 5 weeks. I have been adviced to drink plenty of water. When I did Inca Trail we were drinking between 4-6 litres of water. Mix "Nuun" or something like that with the water to replenish the salt etc.




Well it seems all of you are more prepared then I am. ;-) We have been doing some random weekend 'rambling' but Corina has run a marathon this year, so I think we are getting there.  I think we will be fine once we get over the shock that we are on Africa’s tallest mountain (Yippie) and we are trying to mount it !(crazy ) I can help but cry out every 2 -3 days . 'Who's idea was this again? '  I have some random questions: Are you guys bringing your own sleeping bag and what type ?  How cold will it get ? How big of a bag are you bringing?  30-40 L or less or more ?  Water bottles , I have a Sigg but it seems too small and heavy , tryed the hydration packs , but they all leaked. Any ideas?   Thanks ,Ivett



Oh Me God !

Its only 3 weeks to go ! Panick -panick .

I have more questions : What size backpacks are you guys bringing?

Anyone got the Exodus bag yet ?



Only 3 weeks to go!!

We are taking our normal rucksacks, approx 35-40 litres. Got an e-mail from Exodus the other day, kitbags are sent out 2 weeks before we go!!

Are you guys flying from Heathrow on the Exodus flight?

looking forward to meeting everyone. What a fabulous experience we are all going to have. Has anyone got there kit bag yet? see you all soon


Oh dear nothing yet ... may give them a call. Wonder how big is the kit bag. Any ideas?


Still no kit bag received - rang up Exodus, not particularly helpful but said they would chase up (we are going in 10 days after all!!).

Suggest you ring Exodus as well if kit bag not received yet!


Hi Ateall

Corina has talked to Exodus and apparently all kit bags have been sent out already (approx 65 L , size of A4 when packed) . If it doesnt arrive by Friday we can pick some up at the office in Balham.

If we need to pick ours up do you want us to pick some up for you ? Could give it toy you at the airport.




Hi Ivett - kit bags finally arrived today! Many thanks for the offer though.

See you guys next Sunday!

Andy & Les


Hi Guys !

It feels so odd to be back . I cannot believe the things we done and seen. I am still in a haze. :-)

Just wanted to check if all is ok with Lesley , let me know.

Hoping Maria will send the email or we stand no chanse of a chat;-( 

Viv'la flushing toilets and soap.

Love, Ivett 



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