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TYC Safari, Kili Climb and Zanzibar Departing 25TH SEPT

Hi,  My husband and his brother are going on this trip.  We'd like to know whether anyone else is going too, whether you've been on it before and whether you could offer up any pearls of wisdom, as they've never done anything like this before.  They're both fit guys and do a lot of cycling and hill walking between them, but have never ventured this far...



 Just came across this message.  I am going on this trip too.  Coming from Canada.  Would like to connect with your husband and his brother before the start of the trip.

 Thank you.


Hi every one,just back after completing kili, we were a group of 12 and 11 made it to the top, ages ranged from 27 to 71. We did Mt Meru first, this helped with the altitude. Enjoyed the trip greatly. You get very dirty due to the dust once up in the desert plane. Important note, you should wear all your essential gear as bags go missing in NairobiWishing you all the best and good LuckJim


Hi there,

Finished packing bags tonight. Exodus bag was too small for all the gear so it is all now squeezed into a bigger bag. All there is to do now is remember to start taking the malaria tablets on Thursday as part of my breakfast routine! Usually keep kit by cycling but have been walking a few local mountains recently in preparation (live in the scottish highlands). Flying down to London Saturday and my brother is commuting by train from Yorkshire. It's nearly here now, so comeon kili - bring it on !!

Chris (husband of MrsGodd)

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