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Trekking Borneo and beyond

Hi, anyone booked onto this trip? My husband and I are part of the group departing 13th July 2019 and just wanted to introduce ourselves in advance. 


Hi Carla! 

Yes we are booked on the 13th July 2019 departure.   I'm Fiona and am travelling with my partner David.  Looking forward to meeting you both and the rest of the group.

Hello, yes myself and my boyfriend Michael are coming. we live in Edinburgh. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Just trying to work out what to pack!

Hi Fiona, David and Victoria!


Mark (known as Pips to most) here, i’m Carla’s husband and just wanted to say hello and looking forward to meeting you all in a few days! Are any of you / all of you on the Heathrow flight on Saturday? 

Dont worry Victoria, i am having the same debates over what to pack (or not) and how much other stuff/money to bring!  

Hi Pips, Carla and Victoria (and hubby).   Good to hear from you all.   Yes we are on the Saturday evening flight from Heathrow!  Might see you in one of the bars!   We are having similar debates about packing...its a challenge!  Re money Pips, we've got £800 worth of Malaysian currency (based on £50 a day for us both) but also some US$ that we had left from a trip as back up to exchange over there if needed.  We are looking forward to meeting you all! 

Will see you all in the departure lounge at Heathrow then! I have long red/strawberry blonde wavy hair so could be easy to spot. Goos call on the money. I only got £200 worth but on review of the trip notes looks like we have to buy a lot of our own food, especially dinners, so i'll probably need more.

I've decided on lots of sweat-friendly light t-shirts, a rain coat, and I'm going to not bother with waterproof trousers as I'm expecting it to be very humid (I may regret this...). Michael and I are also bringing cards and the 'exploding kittens' game for any spare evening time ;)

See you in the departure area indeed! Perhaps who ever gets there first can message on here of which pub or bar they’re in and we can meet there for a beer and hellos. 

Ive initially only got £200 as well but got some more to change either at the airport or in KL on day 1/2.

kit wise I’ve gone similar to you Victoria and I’m very intrigued by the exploding kittens game! I have a card game called phase 10 that I will bring as well for us all. 

I love it when a plan comes together...its a date for a pre meet in a bar at Heathrow.   Will message when we're through and settled.   I too have longish strawberry blonde hair which will be straight until we get in the humidity then it will be wild and curly!  David is more distinguished with white hair and beard!  We've dumped waterproof trousers too and are packing similar light weight clothes - expecting it to be hot, humid and wet.  See you all soon.

Hey guys - we’ve arrived and got through security far quicker than expected! We’re in the Prince of Wales pub on one the tall square tables near the bar If you wanted to join us when you get here. 

Hi  we met fiona and David in KX!! Michael and I are just eating at carluccios, then we'll cone find you guys :)

We're through too!   Just grabbed a bite to eat so will be with you in 10.  We randomly met Victoria and Michael in a bar in Kings Cross ...what are the odds of that!?  Unfortunately we lost them at check in/baggage drop.   See you in Prince William in 10!


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