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Hi, just putting it out there who might be on this trip?
Thanks Darral

I'm going on this trip on 27th October!
Would love to be in touch with others on the trip before we go ...

Hi, my friend and I are going on this trip.

Btw my name is Siobhan, can't seem to update my screen name from anonymous

Hi Siobhan,
I can't get my name or pic up either! My name is Anona, I'll be flying from Dublin to London to Delhi for the trip, really looking forward to it, are you?

Ps.. have u been to India before?

Ah have manged to get my name sorted - couldn't do it on mobile but could on laptop....

Yes both Lesley (my friend) and I met in Southern India a few years ago. Fantastic trip with an amazing guide. The Indians are lovely and the food is stunning. This is why we are coming back....loved it so much.

Looking forward to the food also, and especially Varanasi! Please let me know of anything you think I should bring with me as it is my first time travelling to India and first time travelling alone...

Hi All,
Just spotted this thread and thought I'd say, I've done this trip (about 6 years ago) - it's a fantastic one and Varanasi is amazing! One tip I was given before I did it that was useful was to take a sleeping bag liner for the overnight train trips. The bedding isn't (or certainly wasn't then) changed after every passenger so the liner meant you were lying in something clean and could also stick some of your valuables in with you. I actually took a duvet cover which I just left behind when I was finished on the trip and it was big enough to put my camera and small bag with money/passport etc in it. As it turned out there were no thefts etc, but I did feel that my belongings were a little more secure!
Have a great time - it's am amazing trip and India is incredible! :-)

Thanks Coleyflower, I'd forgotten about the liner for the train journeys. Gosh, Anona, I'm trying to think if there is anything look at the list as provided in the trip notes as there are some useful items listed there. Some comfortable walking shoes/trainers. Clothing so that you are reasonably covered up. Wraps are handy. Can't think of anything else for the moment but if you are travelling alone a good book or something to occupy you. Long flight and there will be lots of travelling. If I think of anything I'll let you know. Don't forget to get your visa online....and don't worry, it'll all be fine, you'll have a lovely time and the guide will really look after you.

Thanks for that info Siobhan and Coleyflower.

Got my account name changed! Hope you all have a great trip - it's an amazing country!

Can anyone tell me if a regular suitcase is the norm for this trip or is cabin size and back pack better ??

Hello! Getting excited now as fly to Delhi from Heathrow on Thursday. Great tip about the sleeping bag liner/duvet cover to sleep in on the train. I am travelling with my friend Jane. First time to India! And advice on footwear would be appreciated. Look forward to meeting you all :-)

If you guys would like to meet up in the departure lounge of Heatrow somewhere or maybe sort out a meeting point?

Costa in Delhi airport via the trip notes is the obvious but please share your views.

Sorry haven't been on here for ages. We'll probably be all sat together on the plane so let's look out for each other.

Sorry haven't been on here for ages. We'll probably be all sat together on the plane so let's look out for each other.

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