Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania


Transylvania Trips

Immortalised in Western culture as the home of Count Dracula, Transylvania is actually a beautiful pastoral region in central and western Romania – bordered by the Carpathian Mountains – as well as an important historical region. In its early history, the territory of present-day Transylvania belonged to Dacia, the Roman Empire, the Hun Empire, the Gepid Kingdom and the Bulgarian Empire. As a political entity, Transylvania is mentioned from the 11th century as a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. It then successively became a principality under Ottoman suzerainty in 1571, a part of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1711 and a part of the Kingdom of Romania after the First World War. 

Join one of our Transylvania holidays to discover this fascinating region, where myths and beauty abound in a distinctly medieval landscape and its multi-ethnic heritage shines through in its architecture, food, folk costumes and music.

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