Mayan head, Copan


Discover a pirate past, an abundance of wildlife and pristine scenery in a country ripe for exploration 

Tours in Honduras

A tropical paradise with a pirate history is just the ticket for an Exodus adventurer to Central America. With its Mayan and pirate past, it's steeped in history; from the magnificent Mayan ruins of Copán to the banana-exporting ports and diving resorts, there is so much to uncover on Honduras tours.

Trekkers are spoilt for choice with jungle, mountains and coastline to choose from; nature lovers will enjoy endless opportunities to spot all kinds of flora and fauna, whether under the turquoise waters, in dense rainforest or beneath the fascinating ruins.

Highlights of Honduras

1. Tegucigalpa: Founded as a mining camp in 1578, the capital comprises two towns, Comayagüela and Tegucigalpa, divided by a river and surrounded by peaks, notably El Picacho.

2. Copán: Nestled in the Copán Valley, this ancient city was the most southerly site of the Mayan empire. Copán is renowned for its striking carvings and architecture, with a huge number of sculptures.

3. Jungle wildlife: The jungle surrounding Copán and the rainforest at Pico Dama are a haven for birds and wildlife. Head into the wild on a jungle trek and spot toucan, macaws, howler monkeys, armadillo, bats and – perhaps – even jaguar.

4. Caribbean Sea diving: Honduras is an affordable yet reputable place to learn to dive, and the warm, clear Caribbean Sea is idyllic for snorkelling amid spectacularly coloured tropical fish.

Honduras Map