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Holidays to Mostar, Bosnia

Famous for the bridge which was destroyed in the Balkan war in the 1990s, Mostar has now completed a thorough and faithful restoration programme and now Mostar is a significant landmark destination for any tour through Bosnia & Herzegovina. The city tour reveals a rich cultural experience which reflects the many occupying civilisations of the region.


Bosnia & Beyond

Bosnia & Beyond

11 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,855.00

Experience the cultural variety and rugged natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

  • Explore rugged landscapes
  • Discover a rich cultural heritage
  • Enjoy warm hospitality
Walking in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Walking in Bosnia & Herzegovina

9 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,705.00

Explore the rugged natural beauty and intriguing history of Bosina & Herzegovina

  • Walk in primeval forests teeming with wildlife
  • Climb Bosnia's highest peak
  • Discover beautiful Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Mostar

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