Wobbly Wheels...

...Is there anyone out there as excited as I am about going to Cuba on 4 February...!?! In a moment of madness, I've gone and booked myself onto a cycling holiday! I'm usually a bit wobbly on two wheels but the temptation of seeing Cuba this way was just too much for me...

Hello, yes, looking forward to the Cuban trip and all that sun and warmth! Daughter coming too...just bought her a gel seat cover to keep her on the bike! Meanwhile I'm in training.......M

Hi Moira...Oh yes, sun and warmth. My recent bike rides here have all been done wearing multiple layers, waterproofs and sometimes, even tights! For a few days, it's going to feel strange, cycling in t shirts and shorts! And your daughter's not alone - I'll be bringing my gel seat cover too. In fact, it's already in my case, in case I forget it!

Hi both. Lovely to hear others are planning well for this break.
We only booked on a couple of weeks ago in a desperate need for sun and outside activity.
It will be nice to take off the multiple layers. Lyndi

Hi Lyndi...I can understand your need for some sun. I'm really looking forward to 'complaining' how hot it is whilst we're there! Also really looking forward to seeing Cuba...although I must admit, I've never had to train for a holiday before!

Hello everyone going to Cuba, I am getting in the day before you all on 3.2 and will make my way over to the hotel on 4.2 Looking forward to pootling around Cuba on a bike, should be wonderful.

Ah...arriving a day early..? Good idea! (Why didn't I think of that!?!).

Looking forward to cycling with my daughter too! Gel seat cover packed, chamois creme etc all bought. Easy! The hard bit is getting fit,spinning class at the gym nearly kills me! Anyone got a tow rope?

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