Vicky Boughton

With a shovel in one hand and a bucket of muddy river water in the other, Vicky’s passion for travel, adventure and wildlife was cemented whilst looking after 3 baby elephants on a conservation programme in Sri Lanka. Over fifteen years and many adventures later, her career in travel has seen her snorkelling with sea lions, playing hide and seek with penguins and giving pep talks to turtle hatchlings before releasing them into the sea. Vicky now works in the Exodus Product team managing the Wildlife & Polar Programme.

A Hell of a place to lose a cow

The wind rattles through my clothes, lifting the hat off my head and spitting dust at my legs. My empty water bottle clinks against my backpack, lungs gasping in the thin air. The vista below is a fairyland of multi-coloured stone spires stretching as far as the eye can see, shimmering in hues of orange, pink and red in the changing sunlight.

Standing on the edge of Bryce Canyon’s Sunset Point, Utah was living up to its advertising slogan: ‘Life Elevated’.

The sour oranges of Barcelona

Plastic scrapes along the coarse river bed, ripples lapping at the shore. The chipped wooden oars come to rest in the shallow water beneath us. On a grassy mound in the distance I am distracted by two men standing knee deep in the River Toa, casting and reeling for fish as they laugh with each other. A large steady hand stretches out, helping me find my footing on the slippery bank.

About Vicky
Wildlife Programme Manager