Georgina Lawrence

Gina has wild camped alongside hippos on the banks of the Zambezi, sipped homemade schnapps in Romanian barns, swum in the Norwegian fjords and lost a snowball fight at the base of the Torres del Paine. You'll find her with her walking boots on, heading for the mountains.

History's Boldest Female Travellers

In honour of International Women's Day, we're celebrating some of history's boldest female travellers. Within the dusty tomes of the past lie the stories of some incredible women: female explorers, trekkers and pioneers who have changed the way we see our planet. They have navigated wide oceans, made tracks through barren deserts, broken records and smashed preconceptions. Even when the odds were stacked against them, these tenacious ladies made history. And they were pretty feisty while they did it, too.

About Georgina
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