Trip code APX - Peru Explorer dep 22nd March

Hi - I've booked onto this tour and hope to trek the Inca Trail as part of the holiday - anyone else booked onto this holiday?


Hello :)  My husband and I are also booked on this trip, and are planning do the Inca Trail as well. We're very excited. Have you ever done anything similar before?

We're looking to book this trip, just need to sort out the cat sitter first as it quite a long trip away. We're thinking of doing the Moonstone Trek.

Hi Wightvixen - glad to know others have booked! I've never done anything quite like this, the closest would be an Exodus trip to Jordan where we spent a lot of time walking around Petra...walking from 8.30 to 5.30 .... no altitude but off the normal tracks. I think I need to get walking! (speaking with others I understand the trek isn't too difficult - fingers crossed)


Hi Smartie - I've got my cat sitters in place and think the Moonstone Trek would be beyond my capability - looks as if we can decide when we're there


Hi Diane :) We haven't done any serious walking abroad before, but we do like to walk a lot in the UK during the summer months. The most we've done is 20+ miles a day on 2 consecutive days, albeit mostly on the flat. I dare say the altitude will be "interesting" ;)

We're lucky enough to have grown up children who can cat-sit for us. I hope you manage to get yours sorted Smartie. 

The cat sitter is now arranged - my sister in law. I just need to book the holiday.

We don't do a huge amount of walking and the local area is very flat when we do walk. There will be alot of exercising in front of the Wii to get alot fitter. We've been on a few group walking/discovery holidays but nothing with this sort of altitude.


Hi Wightvixen and Smartie - our departure is getting closer! How is your preparation going? I've been trying to get out and walk more (and trying to get some Peak District hills rather than just the Cheshire plain!) - I've also had some sessions with a personal trainer in the hope of getting in better shape! Really looking forward to this holiday.



We've had to have a change of plan unfortunately. We're now booked to go to Sri Lanka on a shorter, less walking one. Machu Picchu has to wait for another year sadly. I will be thinking of you though,while I'm drinking Ceylon tea and watching elephants. 


What a pity to hear you're not coming with us Smartie, but I bet you will have a great time in Sri Lanka. Diane, our preparations are going ok, although it still seems a bit unreal that it is so close now! Trying to decide what stuff we should take. In two minds about taking our own sleeping bags for the Inca Trail, or hiring some. What do you intend to do?


I think our sleeping bags are 3 season, and I certainly feel the cold too, not sure if they will be up to the job or not. My main concern is that they will take up so much luggage space and weight, although it would be nicer to have our own. We will probably try and make do with one set of poles between us. Reluctant to spend out on 2 sets when they might never get used again, there's not much call for them in the New Forest :-). I expect we will will also turn up with half the contents of a chemists shop!


Oh, by the way, my name is Jenny, Wightvixen is a bit of a mouthful, and my husband is Tim.


Hi, I've ( fingers crossed) just booked to join the tour. I will recieve a confirmation in a  day or so. I think I'll make the 10th group member too. 

Joined a bit late in the day, I know, so have lots to do in a month - but looking forward to it.

If anyone has a budget in mind, per day for meals and tips i'd find that really useful - (I dont want to look like a stingy northerner) also alot of the reviews mention it's better to take soles than dollars. What do you think?  

Anyway if anyone has any tips about anything - let me know. 

Shelley ( London)


Hi just to be clear - I'm from Scarborough, North Yorkshire - so not bad mouthing Northern types.



Hi Shelley :-)  Welcome to the group.  We hadn't considered a budget of any kind, we tend to take things as they come. There should at least be ATMs in the cities if we need to get more cash out en route, and we will take plenty with us. I would think soles would be more useful for most things than dollars. When it comes to stingy, some of us southerners take a bit of beating ;-)  Out of interest, how do you know you're the 10th group member? I haven't seen anywhere where it says how many are booked.



Hi Jenny,

Thanks, it's my first tour so just checking. I'm pretty laid back myself, so that's sounds good to me.

re. the group. I spoke to a guy at Exodus (didnt catch his name) just to check a few things and asked about the Moonstone Trail, as the Inca one is fully booked. We hada  chat about the makeup of the group and he said there were nine people booked so far with a range of ages. 

Also - Just realised we'll be there at Easter which i think is a big deal, so already looking forward to the thought of festivals. 



Ah, great, interesting to know how many of us there will be :-)

Hi Jenny - much easier to remember (and Tim)

Hi Shelley - I'm also from the north - I live in Cheshire. Are you travelling on your own for this holiday? I am (my third with Exodus) and have always had a great time. Like Jenny I hadn't though about a budget but guess I ought to as the day approaches! I am arriving ahead of the main group - flying via Paris on 20th (better flight times) so will have a couple of days in Lima at the start...but am booked into the tour group hotel.

If we remain a group of 10 that's a nice number - not too small and not too large (up to 12 or so is OK)

I'm a little aprehensive about the Inca Trail - I have been going to the gym and trying to walk in the Peak District - but difficult to prep for the altitude of the Inca Trail.



Hi Diane & Jenny,

Time is flying! and speaking of flying, Im booked on the flight from London via Madrid. 

I'm travelling alone too, it was a bit of a last minute decision, I was thinking Asia originally.

Although I havent managed to pack in as many walks as i'd like - did 4hrs in the dales the other day, but havent done one day after another. Need to up gym time too, but I've heard slow and steady works best at altitude...My fingers are firmly crossed. I'm on the moon stone trail and looks like I'm the only one which is a little daunting. 

It will be amazing for you to have a couple of days in Lima beforehand. 10 sounds a good size for the group, especially if we have room to spread out on the bus! I'm hoping its sunny in lima and on the coast - it's so cold at the mo ( I'm visiting family up North) before heading back to London for the next few weeks.

Good to speak to you.





Hi again Diane and Shelley

Diane, a good idea to have an extra couple of days in Lima, we won't get to spend much time there on the actual tour, and you'll have time to recover from the flight by the time the rest of us turn up exhausted :-)

Shelley, we will also be on the London-Madrid flight.

We haven't done any specific training for the Inca Trail, but we are both generally fit, keen walkers in the non-winter months, and I run. Hopefully if altitude sickness strikes we should be over the worst by the time we hit the Trail, as we will reach our highest point of the journey several days beforehand. I don't much envy you doing the Moonstone Trail alone Shelley, though I'm sure it will be much better in reality than in anticipation.

Will see you both very soon!


Hi Jenny & Shelley (and anyone else who ay be join us!)

I'm n my way very shortly - first flight in 2 hours! Hoe you all have a god flight and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


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